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My Other Ride :)

My Other Ride :)

What a great day!
Bike ride in the morning, followed by lunch with good friends, and a ride on my horse Ziggy in the afternoon! Smiley-laughing



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Went for a ride with Adrian, Telf, Dan (Far254)and his lovely other half Lena and met up with some work colleagues at the Gawler Bike Swap meet, before having lunch at Lyndoch and a leisurely ride home.
Once we got home I thought it was about time I saddled up my 'furry' ride Ziggy. He is a 16.2hh thoroughbred who I've had since he was three (he is now 22). Unfortunately I have had to have him leased out for the past eight years. Now that Adrian and I have our property, I have been able to bring him home. He hasn't been ridden in about three years - and it's been eight years since I've ridden him :( so I wasn't sure how it would go!
Neednt have worried, only took him a short time to settle back into the routine and he behaved like a perfect gentleman!

Well done Annie

thanks for a good day and you have real horse power underneath you not man made horsepower even if it is only one

and the best part is I dont have to fill this one up when I fill my bike! Smiley-wink

But Ziggy's 'exhaust emissions' match yours! Smiley-wink

Mine and Tezza"s combined!

Nice Furry ride Annie. Good that Ziggy's back home.

In size or smell Annie? Aaachhh....... Don't really know if I want to know!!! (lol)

Nice ride! And no worries about flats either, although with 1 horsepower, you won't be able to get up to freeway speed!

He's a beautiful ride Annie. No matter what you ride still needs fuel.

1 HP .... Is it enough??

Handsome animal. What do you mean you leased him out? You mean you leased pasture to put him in, or you leased him to someone else to use? If it's the latter that's sure a good deal to make money by leasing him out.

I'm so jealous. You getting to bike and ride. I so miss my horses. People are so mistaken when thinking of a horse as only 1 HP. One horse can probably out pull 20 hp motor. That is a small horse. Put some Clydesdales in, then you will need a really big motor to get the same pulling power.

Very true and well said Randy.

I can see that he is a "star" Good for you

Good on you AnnieO, looks like you've got all the bases covered as far as riding habits go !

Charlie I had him leased out on a 'free' lease. The person I leased him to didn't pay me, but was responsible for all the costs of keeping him, ie farrier, vet bills, feed etc. He really only wanted him as a paddock companion for his other horse, so Ziggy wasn't ridden very much, but was certainly well looked after which was the most important thing! I didn't think I would ever be in the situation to bring him home again, so it's great that I've been able to! Smiley-laughing

Nice ride Annie 4x4 much safer and cheaper to run. Just watch for the emissions.

Great Annie. I've stopped riding my horses as I don't bounce anymore. Looking good.

Beautiful horse Annie. I had a few ex racehorses in my time, they were hot heads to say the least. It sounds like Ziggy has never raced, thats such a great thing! You have the best of both worlds, bike and horse!

Thanks for all the nice comments guys Smiley-laughing
You're right Sue, I got Ziggy as a three year old. He did barrier trials, but was never raced. Even as a three year old though, what really impressed me and convinced me to buy him was his lovely calm temperament ( very unusual for a thoroughbred, let alone a young one as you well know!!) Smiley-laughing

Make sure Beachy changes Ziggy's oil on time Annie. Maybe he should wrap his baffles too LOL....

I'm still waiting to get the oil changed in my car :(

Just as well Ziggy isn't very noisy...probably end up with only his eyes and ears poking out of the baffle wrap!!!! Smiley-wink

Nice ride,they dont like me

I love horses, they are truly majestic creatures.However they don't seem to like me as much. They're up there with dogs and Beachys in the animal world.

I resemble that comment!

Looks like you had a day of fun in the sun.

You like poetry Greg? (lol)

You got me figured out as long as it has to do with riding I'm game!

Fun in the sun....... That's genius Greg! (lol)

Not really Gert, just lucky. LOL.

Better than pain in the rain I think. Lol

Nice ride, Annie!

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