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My recent birthday gift.

My recent birthday gift.

i had a birthday recently. This was one of my presents. Someone istrying to give me a hint,


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If that was at my house it would be bolted to the front door!!!

Dub, I think that’s where it came from. Have you checked the door recently....have you been having a moment?

What ? Who ? Why ? When ? WTF!!!???

Al, my wife reckons if I have any more moments it will become an episode....Lol !!!

I know I came here for something.................

Its because they care.

Al, you may need this installed out by the street...

 photo d4d9db01.jpg

Too funny, I think I already have, but if not, Happy Birthday!

Charlie, it takes me so long to cross they built me an overpass so they don't have continual gridlock.

Dub, I had an episode the other day. The local kids thought I was doing some rap dancing.

Overpasses are cheaper then tunnels.

You went to Maccas Al.

No, I got it delivered Raymond....

Better than buzzards on your lawn. LOL.

Bill....we don't have'em.

With my luck the buzzard would be looking at its watch and at going "well"?


A whole bunch of Funny comments and it will be interesting to see what happy for my big 60 coming up in several weeks

You have to have a laugh sometimes......just not at my expense all the time. Lol.



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