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My ride

My ride

2009 Boulevard M50



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The contrast between the 2 tone paint and being mostly blacked out looks mean. Beautiful bike!

Welcome to the site from Medford, OR. Please come back often, post pics of your bike in your riding area. Get to know everyone.


A little different paint scheme. Looks good

clean lines, and clean bike. Get out and ride it!

They are a great bike, I had one for a few years and it served me well.

That is a great looking bike! Welcome to the site from Atlanta.

Great looking ride. Welcome to the site from the Netherlands...

Thanks man.

Man, it's about to get on my nerves. The FI light keeps coming on.

There are suggestions on the forums that indicate a fuel problem, either in the injectors, fuel supply or bad gas.
Try some fuel injector cleaner in the tank and see how it goes in time.

I appreciate it AussieSteve, I will give that a try today.

And if possible and you aren't using ethanol free gas, try using it for a while along with the fuel injector cleaner. The used Honda Rebel I bought to run errands on had a bit of the same issue. It runs so much better now that I got all of the bad gas burned out and using ethanol free in it now.

I just filled the tank yesterday, the fuel here normally has up to 10% ethanol so I will run some cleaner through it and locate so ethanol free while I'm out and about. would be a good starting point. This is what I use to plan gas stops when I'm out on the road. Try to avoid ethanol as much as possible. When I do use it, I use Star-Tron additive.

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