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from my trip several weeks ago

from my trip several weeks ago

Just below Mt Rainier National Park in Washington state.  1500 miles in 4 days of riding to see my daughter in Olympia, WA.  If go in the car, it is 800 miles in 2 days.


Own Photo: 


The long way round, only way to do it Randy. Hope you had a good ride and great catching up with the daughter.

Looks like a cool place to visit.

That’s a great looking bike.

That’s a great looking rig Randy

Pretty Bird.

Edwin! A bluebird of happiness......


I found the sweetest 6-8 miles of heavenly curves on this ride. It was Curly Creek Road. Had to travel over some badass frost heaves for many miles in the rain to get to it tho. Luckily the rain quite and no traffic thus had a great ride. Unfortunately batteries died on the camera before I got there. Have video of the rain and frost heaves will have to post later on.

Don’t tell me you did double the distance, I mean 1500 instead of 800 miles for that little 12 KM road did you? LOL

Yes I did Gert. Don’t have the money to helicopter me and the Bitd there to ride it

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