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Is my tyre screwed?

Is my tyre screwed?

Went to take the Valk out this morning, found it hard to move. Checked the rear tyre and this is what I found.


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Screwed for sure. Was is only flat on the bottom? Smiley-wink

Albert !! You should maintain a tidier garage floor.

tube? with no tube it can be plugged or patched

The front tire runs over it and flips it and the back tire catches just right. Tube or not, its still a pain.

Tezza...yes....only on the bottom.
Vardy.....I’m no handy man so there’s none of this stuff in my garage.
Eynstyn....yep. Plugged.


There are better ways to lower your seat Al!

Time for another bike. lol.

ha.... i get it

That's a bummer when your tyre still has plenty of tread Al. But fixable.


My greatest fear...just pulled one of those out of my car tire

Bill, thinking about selling the Oldwing maybe next year. Getting a bit heavy. Would like to get a reasonable capacity Japanese V Twin.

Raymond. Fixed on the day. I have plugs and compressor on both bikes. Did have to get a new battery for the Oldwing yesterday though.

Gert, the best way to lower the seat is to let the air out of both tyres. Lol.

Time for a Star again Al!

Maybe Gert but would prefer a Honda of some sort.

Have you ever tried a VTX?

Yeah. Rode the 1300 a while back.

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