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A naked Rebel (G-rate) vs an X-rate naked Rebel

A naked Rebel (G-rate) vs an X-rate naked Rebel

The Rebel has shed the winter clothes, probably gaining 2-5 mpg more in gas, and faster acceleration.  Yes I'm hitting 40 mph in 4th gear instead of 5th.  Also definitely much cooler to ride now.  Like the naked look, but come fall, the windchill clothes will go back on.


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Naked is good...I did the same ...I just added a small swingarm bag for sunglasses etc...but I think I'll add a quick release windshield for when I need it

I think I was premature in removing the wind shields. Only 65 F and overcast, thus will need to put the windbreaker jacket on when I go run an errand or I'll be freezing.

I hear ya...its about 68 degrees here ...was going to go for a ride tonight but getting a little chilly ...I think Ill order that windshield tonight !

It looks much more ready for summer now.

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