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FLOWERY BRANCH..........Hall County. Georgia Incorporated as a town August 17, 1903. The first house was built here in 1875, one mile from the stream from which the name of the town was derived. FLOWERY BRANCH had been called NATTAGASSKA by the Cherokee Indians, and it means blossom creek, in reference to the floral beauty along its banks. On the Old Federal Road or Trail of Tears............


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Nice B+W shot.

Cool write up awesome b+w

I'm a sucker for small towns. Give me a local dinner with the counter in front of the grill. Smell the onions frying while they're making your burger and fries.Just might be as close to Heaven as I get but, I'll take it.

I used to load grain trucks going to Flowery Branch. Great lesson

Nice lesson and cool shot

Looks like you rode in on a holiday or somtin. Not a sole around, no cars, no peoples, no animals. Did you run into any Zombies? or clothes on the ground with dust in em? Looks pretty scary.

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