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New addition to the stable

New addition to the stable

I just couldn't resist a stable mate for the Bouly and at a bargain price to boot.



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Btw its a 2010 V-Strom 1000.

Good choice ... great tourer!

She looks like in top condition for a 2010 Dub. Great add to the stable. Well done enjoy.

Nice one Dub

That one is going to be loads of fun. It is very good looking with the trunk and bags..

Congratulations Dub

Thanks all, Took it for a 300km run today certainly a lot more nimble than the 330kg Bouly and plenty of pep in the 1ltr motor. Actually produces a lot more HP and is very close in torque figures to the Bouly, that plus a substantial weight reduction should make for some fun rides through the winding hills between Canberra and the Coast....Yeh Baby!!

Now, don’t get too excited Dub ... you know we are all supposed to behave on the Kings Highway !!!!

Well done mate, MBS is on its way.
I see the adventure bike craze is taking off.

Very Nice mate and resistance is useless...the start of many.

Smart move Dub, congratulations.

Now you've done it Dub. There's no turning back now. You MBSer.

I just sold my Vstrom 1000 and hands down was my favorite bike I have owned. Mine was a 2014 and loved how it handled plus the nice consistant power range it had........

Nice Score Dub - Can you Feel an Adventure coming on ??? The big Adventure bikes would still be a fair handfull in the dirt, perhaps with more off road tyres they should be better .. FUN to be HAD !!!
Ride Safe ...

Milo I remember seeing your Strom on some of Bill's videos glad to hear you enjoyed it. Did you get any of the clutch basket chudder that they are renowned for ?

Frostbite I think that I will be limiting my off road trips to well used back roads to explore some of those small towns that are out of the way.

Yeah, That is what I would be doing - taking at least 6 -12 months getting used to just how it handled things and then maybe get a little more adventurous maybe - But great bike for getting to the out of the way places for sure ...
Ride Safe ...

Nothing at all, the bike was flawless actually....

Well done Dub. Enjoy but remeber, use them both equally as the do become jealous and throw little tantrums.

Great advice Al, I would hate to be in the same position as with my wife and mistress, just can't handle two knock backs in the same night.....LMAO!!!

You know that the Boulevard spat the dummy at Alexandra.....and there wasn’t even another stablemate....just you eyeing another bike off.

Oh that's right I did take Phil's Victory for a you think that is why it played up?

Good on you Dub , looks like a nice clean and tidy machine for 2010 model . Im keen to hear what you think after a few weeks of getting used to it ..

Nobby - great fun, totally different dynamics to a cruiser as you would expect, turns into bends much tighter and reacts to turns more quickly due to the more sports bike like front fork rake. 996cc Vtwin, 230kg wet and with substantially more HP than the 1462cc Bouly M90, so no issue with performance!

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