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New Bearing,,,,,


Definitely not my cup of tea. I let the pros take care of that stuff. If it was a wooden motorcycle, that would be a different story.

As long as you can fix it yourself you are doing ok .... fairly straight forward job for me - retired motorcycle mechanic and still messing with the damn things - currently chopping the rear fender on my vn900 ....
I hope that the bearing didn't let go big time on you - things can get a bit messy (riding & repairing) if that happens -
Cheers & Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)

Most things like that I let the dealer handle.

You saved a butt load of $$ by repairing your own stuff. You need a little shop.. or rent a storage space for a little while.

You are a braver man than me .... big job ! Hope all goes well.

it's easy to do,,,,,,5 hrs later,,,,on the road again ,,,,certainly it's a big job

I would have someone walk up to me when i would have a printer apart like that. They would say "Oh wow! You have it all in pieces". I would look up at them and say, "I'm glad your here. Do you know how it goes back together?" That person would run away. I could write a book!

....or explaining to a Engineer why his design doesn't work.

mechanics cuss about engineers. have to remove the motor just to remove one bolt, idiotic.

Been there done that and have the t shirt too.

Well done Mike ...

Good job, saves you a lot of cash doing it yourself


Awesome...I do all my own work (including recent front and rear bearing replacements) mainly because I only trust my own work. It does save money, but if I put a $$ amount on my own time spent on my own maintenance and repairs, it would probably be cheaper to go to the dealer. Even so, I truly enjoy doing my own work...and you can't put a price tag on that!

Its good you guys have the know how or nerve to take one apart like this. Betsy's V Star 660 has been in the shop for over a month. It has no spark. They have replaced a grocery list of stuff and it still doesn't work. Last conversation, I asked if any one has gone though the bike and made shure all the grounds are ok. This ever gets running I'm going to trade it in.

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