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New Clearview Windshield

New Clearview Windshield

Just installed my new Clearview Windshield with the 5-position vent, to replace the OEM. Nice that it fits on the original hardware. 


Own Photo: 




Looks great. How do those vents work for you?

They really work well, Bill. It's the same vent as found in a Goldwing windshield. You can open it a little to help get rid of buffeting, or open it full for cooling in hot weather

to bad they don't make one for the thunderbird LT.

Looks good Len. I chose my new windshield without a vent. So far the jury is still out on whether I would benefit from a vent given my type and times for riding my Wing.

Good job Len. Think you'll like the vents. I like mine

Love that windshield

Great add on !

I just put one on Hildr. Last Saturday was the first ride with the new shield. I think I really like that vent!

New Windshield photo IMG_4857_zpspgkff0dw.jpg

Clean Air Box photo IMG_4859_zpsdqzhe4wu.jpg

You will get plenty of use out of the vent down in your neck of the woods Charlie. Smiley-laughing

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