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New fork seals

New fork seals

Got new fork seals & bushings done today.....  I've put 53,000 miles on, I guess it was time.  


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Alex, it does sound like time. Did you do them yourself?

Yes, interested to know if you did it yourself as well, and did you need any special tools?

Might be a while before I get that many miles on my bike.

Steve & Allen, no, I took this job to a pro. I don't mind turning a wrench, but this project was a little out of my range of skills. I found a great shop not too far away; they showed me every step, protected the bike like it was their own, and did a great (but expensive!) job.

Alex, like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If it was cheap no telling what your bike might look like. Glad you got it done

Nothing done well is ever cheap, especially suspension. Great that you got it done, I bet it'll ride better

Alex, I know it's very I good to have a pro who takes care of your bike like it's his own! I'm always very happy with Ap, the way he takes care of my bike doing the service...

Nice. I did mine when I did my steering head bearings last year

I watched the you tube on this procedure and decided the same thing. Smart man Alex.

I've done my own and it's not as bad as it looks. Can be a bit messy if you're not careful!

Fork Seal Replacement photo IMG_4226_zpsrxkpjqzv.jpg

Charlie, I don't think I could be that neat

He's got more guts then me. Not that I cant. But not solo on this.

I agree Allen. The hard part is getting the old stuff off

CAPT, no patience here

I got patience. I also know when to hold them and know when to fold them too !

Lol. I take my bike to a professional

I don't want to be charged twice as much by the professionals to do the job that is why I don't attempt this type of stuff. Now if they were made of wood that is a different story.

I'm with you Randy

Me, I don't ever want to show up at the shop with a trash bag full of parts asking if they know how it goes back together.

Yes Capt, that is why I don't try to tackle it. They they charge double, and triple for the one piece you lost that is absolutely needed.

Its not so much the money. Its the shame.

that too

Job well done Alex I'd say , it'll feel like a new machine to ride now .
I changed the coolent on mine last weekend and had trouble with one little BLOODY hose clamp . It was tucked up and I had virtually no room to get a spanner on it , I'm getting older and a lot less patient !!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR . Lol .

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