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New Friends Bikes

New Friends Bikes

Julie and I meet some guys. We live about 65 miles apart. Finally got to meet face to face. There is 4 Goldwings and 1 Victory.



Good for you. This summer I hope to get some shots of "The Mob" That we have met and ride with.

Looking forward to seeing the pics CAPT

Nice line-up


That is nice. Now you have folks to call and get a ride in with. Have fun with the group

So did they finally let you in the group since you upgraded the bike? LOL There are some small groups around here that are that way. The bigger group of the valley is pretty eclectic bunch of bikers, cruisers, crotch rockets, sport tourers, dirt bikes and occasional trike or two. Quite an age range also.

Great collection.

Yes Randy, they let me in, lol

Allen ... Don't forget your old chums now that you're hangin with the cool kids!

Not to worry Peter. CC will always be great friends

Smiley-laughing Good on Ya !
Nice LineUp !
I hope you are having a Real Good time my friends !

Great shot! I love the simple joy of seeing a bunch of bikes lined up!

Always nice to get into a group Allen and the same bikes is rare. Enjoy. Nice line up of bikes.

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