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New front and back gear and a new chain for little Red...

New front and back gear and a new chain for little Red...

I know, it's just my old litlle second bike the Cb 500. But I want to keep it in good chape. Therefor I have to take good care of the bike and I felt there was something wrong. Specially in lower and constant speed I felt a little "hiccups", so I went to Ap's bikerstore and asked him to check the chain. He told me I really needed to change the little front gear and I could do another few months but... also the chain had its longest time. For me a reason to change it all because I want it good and safe! All I want is heated grips for this bike and maybe a pair of handguards to protect against cold winds. I've already seen them like I want and than the bike is ready for the new winterseason... I'm really happy with this little red devil. It gives me much more fun as I thought it would give when I bought it. Specially in the village and city centre but also for shorter rides on the highway for example when there is a traffic jam because its soo easy to handle and for a small bike it gives a lot of comfort and fun to ride...


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Chain looks really good. Is it oiled, looks shinny unlike the dirty chains I've seen. Looks good.

LOL... Yes it's oiled. But for some reason Ap uses some kind of oil for the chain what looks "white or grey" instead of black... But he told me it's the best stuff to oil the chain?!

Ages ago, I would buy nickle plated Diamond Roller chain from a industrial supply house. Thanks for the memory.

Got to take care of the bikes, Gert. Make them safe as possible. Looking good

Gert ... if it is white it is likely to be chain wax rather than chain oil. Wax sticks longer and there is less splatter

better to do it now, and have it ready for the cold months.

You're right Peter, it's chain wax instead of oil.

My Rebels chain was waxed

... were all the hairs removed, Randy !!??

After all the hairs are pulled out from waxing use more wax on the chain, way better than oil and crud won't stick to it as much

No Peter. I still have the gray ones

You must look after the baby Gert and you certainly are.

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