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New Indian

New Indian

As requested by Spratty, my new Indian, my Drifter is in the background.


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very nice! Both are beautiful bikes........... You've been heading for an Indian for a while with that Drifter

Both very nice bikes. Love the color of your Indian.

Another fine horse in the paddock.

Very vintage look! Congrats Norman. Has the V-Star now gone?

As I've said before the Indian is my favorite. Nice ride

Oh My !! A Roadmaster in two tone. As in other posts I will have my Vintage.

What a wonderfull bike Norman! Looks very comfortable and I realy like the two tone color... Wish you many safe and nice rides!

Beautiful Norman.

Yeah Terry ... but what about his bike ???

Oops I forgot the apostrophe.

Norman very nice indeed and enjoy the run to Swan Hill very soon, I'm sure the new bike will be a conversation piece.

How'd the new handle bars go?

Wow wow wow. Gorgeous bike! Congratulations!

Looks like a very comfy bike for the long haul.

Thanks guys.

Len, Yes I love the Indian closed in fender look. The Drifter will be staying and is my solo ride. The 2 tone certainly stands out. Indian advised that they only bought 5 of this colour combo into Aus for the RM and I got the 5th one. No doubt they will bring more in but for the moment it is uncommon.

Trish has decided to stop riding, she gets tired on longer runs and is concerned about falling so her V Star is on the market, yes Vardy still have it as no one has shown an interest in paying a reasonable price for it yet. Besides me liking it, I got the RM so Trish has a comfy seat up back [Yes Gert apparently it is like a lounge chair for the passenger], she loves the ride and comfort. I am still getting used to the extra weight.

Spratty, I had the new handlebars fitted yesterday and they are a big improvement over the stock which is good. I am riding toe Adelaide on Tuesday, going over for a work conference. Trish is flying over and I will pick her up, head to the conference and on our way back will be dropping in on the guys in Swan Hill.

Tezza, I think you are beautiful too, though only when I am paralytic drunk, Smiley-laughing

See you in Swan Hill. Look forward to a closer inspection of the new scoot. Safe travels.

Sweet stable mate!

Very nice looking machine Norman , they truly do look like a luxury lounge on wheels . How's the balance and turning on such a big bike Norman and what's the total weight of it ?

I'll chime in there Nobby, 407kg and they turn and handle surprising well..

It has already been said but that is one lovely looking palace on two wheels....enjoy!

Now I can't get a Victory this might have to take its place ................maybe !

Mike ... you can still get a Victory ... and at a discounted price.

Thanks guys, I am enjoying this love fest. Smiley-laughing

It does handle well and I have been riding with Trish on the back, something I never used to do.

It is heavy if you go past the balance point. I was wearing my work shoes on Wednesday [RM's] that have no tread, on the way home from getting it serviced I stopped at a T intersection stop sign, the road sloped away on the left, of course stupid me put my left foot down instead of my right, no tread on my shoes and my leg kept going sliding in the gravel. Long story short, the bike now has its first case of road rash. Luckily only a minor chip on the bottom edge of the pannier that you cannot see unless you get up and close, but I know its there. I have been pi__ed off for the last 2 days. Lucky no damage so I can still get to Adelaide then back to Swan Hill to meet up with Vardy and the other CCC guys..

Nobby, there a re lots of good Victory deals going at present so you should check them out.

Some specs for Nobby:
Wheelbase 65.7 in (1668 mm)
Seat Height 26.5 in (673 mm)
Ground Clearance 5.5 in (140 mm)
Overall Height 58.7 in (1491 mm)
Overall Length 104.6 in (2656 mm)
Overall Width 39.4 in (1000 mm)
Fuel Capacity 5.5 gallons (20.8 liters)
Weight (Empty Tank / Full of Fuel) 912 lbs / 944 lbs (414 kg /428 kg)

Damn mate! Hope Trish wasn't on the back with you.

Don't feel bad. I did the similar with my VTX shortly after I got it. I came to a stop and put my foot in a pot hole. Wrenched my wrist and knee trying to save it on the way down. Hopefully you weren't quite the show as me on the way down.

Yes that is the pits, just like I have a small chip in the front fender that I think the shop may have done it, but can't prove it. On the other something may have fallen off the shelf above it. One of these years need to work on getting it patched up. As my Dad always told me, paint does not make the engine run.

Bugger!!! Sorry to hear Norman ... i feel your pain ... have been there myself ... as I am sure many others have as well.

Just in case all this luuuurv is making you swoon, I will add that if I was going to purchase a bagger it would be a H-D CVO Roadglide. If I wanted something a bit more traditional, it would be a Road King. Each to their own ... diversity is what makes the world go 'round.

That sucks Norman. Been there done that too.

I like it Norman, looks heavy but I'll bet its comfortable to ride. Sorry to hear about your mishap but sounds like very minor. Enjoy your catch up with the guys in Swan Hill I'm sure the guys will be envious. Safe travel's

Norman......aaarrgghh feeling the pain mate, at least its not noticeable and could have been a lot worse you may have injured youself badly in the process at least you can ride her to Swan Hill, enjoy the trip

Thanks Norman and Spratty for the info , glad to hear your new machine came through relatively unscathed Norman .
Thanks Vardy , I've heard that they have some good deals on the Victory's at the moment . I'm still very much wrapped with my Nomad at the moment and into the future for now . The victory for me is a dream bike , you know what I mean . I've never taken one for a test ride so I have no idea how they ride . As my mate Spratty keeps telling me , you might not like how they ride so for now it's the Nomad all the way .

Mike ... as Crosby, Stills and Nash sang ... If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with !!

I certainly do Vardy , I certainly do . I can't see why I can't have and love both Vardy ........................ but Deb can !!!!! LOL .

I'm loving both....

Great comment Peter.

Two fantastic rides Norman. hear that your wife in enjoying your Indian as much as you are.

I found an Indian the other day at work that in my opinion I like better. If I was given the choice of having to pick between the two I would take the older one. This is it, The other thing about this older Indian is that it has only 4700 miles on it.

Thanks guys. Trish was not with me so all good. Ankle and wrist were ok.

That is the exact Indian I want Smiley-laughing

So Norman, are you still satisfied with the new purchase?

Yes. Still tinkering with it, it is currently partially pulled to pieces in my garage whilst I fit some accessories, safety lights, heat shielding etc.

As Gert says, as much as every bike has almost everything on it, the owner always needs to change something to personalize it. Did the same with the Thunderbird LT.

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