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It had 4,490k's on the Odometer when purchased on 3rd May 2019 - Very NICE to Ride - a Bit WILD to Contain it as it Just Wants to GO like the Clappers ..... and I have to Keep checking the speedo ... and Slow Down ....
LOVE IT - GLAD I BOUGHT IT and have Plans for this Machine ...
Cheers All - Ride Safe
PS - Hope to Make the Wild Hogs ride later this year but will have to play it by ear and see how I am going at that time - too far away to worry about for me .... ciao.



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Well done Greg, nice pic up, low klms and she look great. Enjoy the ride and be safe. With any luck will see you on WH10

Nice!! Congrats!!

Great bike !

Sweet lookin' ride, congratulations!

Awesome looking Sporty Greg.

Great looking bike mate! Do you still have the Vulcan?

Frostbite; Great looking 1200 HD. Be safe and hang ON... it's 10,000 miles for me and I'm coming. If I keep waking up each day.

Great looking bike Greg! Well done and I wish you a lot of wonderful and safe rides!

Congratulations Greg
Its a great looking ride & Im sure it will serve you well.

Good on you Greg. A nice choice for therapy riding.
Have you moved north yet?

Thank You All for the Kind Words - I couldn't keep the Vulcan as I needed it for a trade in - but I am very grateful to have experienced that Great Mid sized bike - it sure was fun to ride, lots of great memories, the meeting up with the Guys on the Wild Hogs Ride will always be one of them I will Cherish for many years and hopefully there will be more to come ..... I am waiting on some bits to do a couple of mods to the bike - I am going to put Air Valve Caps in the Top of the Fork Legs (in the Top Screw Cap) - I just have to Drill & Tap a thread in the top caps 1/8th BSW Pipe Thread and screw the Air Valve Stem into the fork cap and Get rid of that crappy oil in the forks and put in some clean ATF Penrite Mineral Oil, and reassemble with 5 to 7 Pounds of Air pressure in Each Leg and Also putting a pair of Rubber Fork Boots as well to keep the Seals and Legs in Good Condition and Away we go - Improved Suspension on the front for around $50 all up ...
I am confident that the Improvement will work as I had done exactly that, on my '96FXD Dynaglide and it Really Improved the Front Suspension Significantly - really took the handling to another level altogether and that was Still with the Stock Rear Shocks as well - ALL the ill Mannered Handling was Coming from the Front Suspension on the Dyna and I am Fairly Confident that the Air Mod to the front forks Will Reveal the Same/Similar situation for the Sporty - I do have a set of Piggyback Nitrogen Shocks that I am thinking about for the back but will wait and see what the Improved front suspension will be like for the XL Sporty first .... I will probably end up getting the Upgraded Rear Shocks anyway - at some stage ...

I am installing a pair of Hard (ABS Plastic) Boxes at the moment as Not having room for gear really sucks and I am still thinking of setting the bike up as a Mini Bagger, but will have to get a few more bits before I can get to do that .... It all takes Time and Money ....

Speaking of Which -- I have QUIT SMOKING as of 24th May 2019 - Yeah it has Only Been 2 Weeks so far but I have Managed to NOT Smoke since then it hasn't been real easy to go Cold Turkey but I believe that it is the Best way to go IF you can ... I Just Decided that it was Costing me too much and I was Seeing my Bagger Dreams going up in Smoke and I Want Those and Many More Goodies for the Bike and Myself, so the Tobacco had to Yield to my Dreams & Wishes ... SO FAR SO GOOD .... 2 weeks and 1 Day and Counting ... and Looking forward to Saving Some Money for my Batwing Fairing and a Good Top-box and Some Other Goodies like a Good Tent and Sleeping Bag and Camp Stretcher plus a few luxuries too maybe ... Looking forward to getting back out there and getting amongst it - Doing some Touring and Bugger the Arthritis .... Just Take MORE PILLS and Keep Riding till I Drop .....

Anyway Take Care of Yourselves and ENJOY the RIDES and Remember RIDE SAFE ...
See you in the Breeze .....
frostbite ..

Wow! You have even bigger plans for that bike!
Congrats on giving up the smoking, best thing I have ever done 25 years ago, keep up the good work!

Well done ... on all counts

Stop smoking, something I still only Dream about! I realy wish I could do the same, I hope you will manage because... sure it is good to safe some money but it’s as we all know also mutch better for your health... keep on going!!! They always say the first two weeks are the most difficult but they also say once a smoker always a smoker in that way that you always will have some moments you would like to take a new sigarette... be strong that few moments in the future!!! Great job so far!!!

Here one package of heavy tobacco like I smoke is 11,50 at the moment. That’s not included the roll papers I need to make a sigarette so complete it is nearly 12,=. In the past I used 5 of those in a week! At that time they cost about half the money but still. Nowadays I use two packages a week, so 24 euro’s a week. Count that for a whole year!!! (That’s nearly € 1250,= a year... and next month again higher prices because more tax from the covernment!)... AUCHHHH that’s a lot I could spend on other things like you say... but smoking for nearly 40 years it is so damned hard to stop!

Great news on all counts. A pal of mine decided to quit smoking. He didn't realise how much he was spending on smokes. He was a two pack a day at $12.00 each. $24 a day. He was spending $670 a month. HE bought a new Motor cycle with the cash he has to spend. We have a great time riding together. He did not understand how I could afford all my toys. I don't smoke and never have. Pat never thought he was spending that kind of $$ on smoking. Good for you on quitting and have fun fixing up you new ride...

About $50 a pack down here.

WHAT!!! How can anyone afford to smoke. frostbite must be saving some real cash..

$24 in your currency Wayne ... still a lot of money!

Good to see you have custom plans for your new ride. Keep us up to date with some pics etc.
I gave up smoking 12 months after my father died of a heart attack back in 1988.
The first 3 months were the hardest but I must say that I had the warnings and truly believe that I would not be here now if I kept smoking. Even though it was 30 years ago, I must say that I am fitter now than I was then and I'm still alive.
You will notice the difference in taste, smell and you might put a little weight on, but you will feel a lot better.
Keep riding Greg and hopefully we see you soon.

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