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New seat.

New seat.

This is nice and soft compared to the stock one.


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looks good too

R U able to put a backrest onto it if desired?

Yes: I have plans to make one soon. There is a slot 1 1/2 x 3/16 x5in I think I should be able to make something way cheaper than $175.00.

Softer as the original as you say and it looks good Wayne... What brand is it?

Looks extremely comfortable

Looks very comfortable !

Looks good and comfortable. Nice job

Did you do the underwork sculpting and had someone do the leather sewing or had it all down. Local or sent away.
Pour a glass of whiskey and fill us in with the details.

Nice seat Wayne

This is the site I purchased the seat from. . The seat's backrest ready and has a deep inset with a good backrest already. Built in back rest slot with a detent. Guaranteed for a year. These guys are located in Spokane, WA. Which is a good reason to go see BEN and my Boy.The best is freight free on most everything they sell. The other thing is the price was only $260.00 when all others wanted $500-$600 for their seats. It fits very well and Lowers me by about 2in. It is not quite as wide as the stock seat.It also covers the bottom part of the tank which will help with wet riding I think. Whiskey in hand, See you soon Randy.

here is the link people, fingers wonder a bit after a bit of whiskey and in my case even without,, I think. As usual, not much for the Triumphs.

That is the site that is the invoice. I guess they changed it . Good on you Randy. Nice find

I have to admit, the seat is one of the most important parts of a bike. To have one that performs makes all the difference in the ride.


So true Drew


Went on a test ride and the seat works out GREAT. I'll need a back rest also. That is in the works. Very nice seat for the price.

They make seats for tank transporters?????? I am impressed.

I am starting to see the BS battle beginning for when Phil and Scruffy meet this April. Going to be fun. I just need to be prepared. Will pack along extra strong soap to wash off the splatters. LOL

NOW it's a lowrider, That seat dropped me about 1 1/2 in. Now I maybe able to ride LOW and SLOW. NOT it's the SLOW part I can't do. This is just like a good air ride seat nice and soft, round and warm OOOHHHBABY

LOL So nice to know you have a happy hinny.... LOL

Val it's VERY HAPPY ,,once I get the back rest it will be Heaven on BIG RED

Warm??? Did you have a heater installed in it so you can ride in the snow?

Now that would be a good idea

What, the heated seat or riding in the snow/

Heated seat. When it gets down around 50 the seat gets cold

When it gets that cold I need more than just a heated seat, I just dress warm to keep the rest of me warm also, therefore no heated seat or heated grips. To me they are like a campfire, one is warm while the other side is freezing

Yeah but the heat comes in handy

campfire heat yes, it cooks a meal possibly, I don't think a heated motorcycle seat would cook the meal.

Probably not Randy. But it'll keep your ass from freezing, lol

The other Strat I made a heated seat. It really keeps you warm. I think I put pictures on here. The warmth goes up around your butt and thighs/ then your lower back. Now this warms up the blood and your nice and toasty. I have about $5:00 into the mod. I have been riding with it on and once I'm warm I turn it off. I have three guys want it done to there bikes. Once you set on the heat it really feel nice.

So does dressing warm Allen.... LOL.

You're almost convincing me to have you wire up the seat on the Rebel so it heats up. What about the other way, can you do air conditioning? That would be way more useful for me in the summer.

Yes: I will show you my A/C shirt. it maintains 20deg. lower that ambient temp. This lasts for about 20-45min. it works great. you can hook it to a pump with ice water and keep it running through the shirt.

Randy ... stick your head above the windscreen !

If you took my advice earlier, it would not even warrant a discussion point!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heated grips and gloves come in handy as well

I'll remember your statement when I come to visit you in Australia and observe you.

I really like my heated gloves. They get a workout at Yellowstone.. Did your ad-vice include alcohol, Phil if so I need more advice ..

Stop using glasses and just use a straw. Saves on washing up.

Hopefully I won't need them in June

When riding in the "high" country in summer always have winter gear along for that freak snowstorm. Ran into one in august when trying to ride over Beartooth Pass

Good advice

Phil I'll just through out the cap insert straw.
Allen you might rethink the no winter stuff while doing Yellowstone. I had to get my nephew in July because of the cold he did not bring any warm clothes with him while riding back from Colorado. They got a cold front and it went from 85 to 15 in 12 hrs. He was at Dubious. He ran out of $$ too . I drove 14hrs to save his butt.Just be thinking about some warm stuff. It does get really cold unexpectedly there. I'm gearing up for 80-90's with my electric gloves just in case

Yes Scruffy, that is the case, warm weather in the low lands, but riding in elevation above 5000 ft the temps start to drop. I'll definitely be packing the electric gloves and warm winter gear. Easier to take off than not have any to put on.

Scouts Motto .... be prepared!

Phil's motto...... don't go anywhere near snow.

Phil, I try not to when biking, but sometimes it just finds you when you are in the high elevation.

Around here you learn to layer cloth, and yes heated gloves, and grips are great

Phill:Around here you can be riding at sea level and 2hrs later your 3-5000 ft above sea level. You just never know what that will bring as far as temp and weather. The temp can go from over 100 F to 30 F in just a few hrs depending on your altitude. The one thing you learn out here is what Ben says layer up and heated gloves or grips are really nice to have.
Randy see you soon buddy. All set for some fun and a little work


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