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NEW SEAT - Very Comfy

NEW SEAT - Very Comfy

I bought an almost new seat at a great price and it is so much better than the stock vulcan seat - a lot more support and a very comfortable and compliant foam inside. It has made significant increase in ride enjoyment - up 75% over the stock one ... It sits me back a bit further and a bit taller in the riding position and is wonderful to sit on, and has put the smile back on my dial again ... Smiley-laughing
The Seat is off a mid 2000's HD Softail and is designated a 'Tallboy Seat' - it took a little modification to fit it up to the vulcan, but the reward is such a big improvement over the stock seat .... has renewed my interest in going for more rides ... I have to keep the knees in the breeze ...
Cheers to You All -
Ride Safe -


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Hey mate! That seat does look comfy!
I would have been scared to buy a Harley seat to fit to a Kawasaki. Glad it worked for you.

Whatever works IS fine by me Smiley-laughing I Knew that I should be able to modify to fit OK ... Just got back from a bit of a cruise up the country and everything is looking green & pristine down this way - Very nice day for it too - Mid 20's and glorious sunshine - Lunch & a Coffee at Adaminaby Bakery -
Mind you the next couple of days heading back down to rain & 13*C - Trees are turning colour and another month and all the leaves will be on the ground ... Not looking forward to Winter here ....
Cheers Steve - Ride Safe ....

OEM Harley seats aren’t given the raps they deserve. I can do over a thousand kms a day in comfort on mine (any one of three seats that I use). I can’t say that for any of my other bikes ... including the much lauded BMW XR. For a a highly commended touring bike, it’s seat is quite poor!

That's great news Frostbite.

Looks comfy for sure.

And if anyone asks, tell them there was a merger. LOL

That looks comfy.

Nice when a plan works out. Good score!!
I can tell you who ever created the VTX seat never road a motorcycle.

Go Mustang Capt!
I have mustangs on both of my VTX's.

When I had that bike I did. WOW! What a difference.

Nice bit of engineering to make it fit! I've ridden several Harleys and never had an issue with seat comfort, unlike EVERY Honda cruiser I've ever owned (hardest foam in the world).

Great seat Greg and well done because you made it fit! Wish you many nice, safe and comfortable rides!

Other than the tires being the most critical on the bike, the seat is probably the next most critical piece especially when any distance riding is involved.

The New Seat has made a big difference to my riding Pleasure for sure - and it looks good too - I didn't think the old seat was too bad until I put the Tallboy seat on the bike - the foam they use definitely is of a different class than what most of the other manufacturers use - HD Seats are #1 on that score ....
My '86 FLHTC was a sheer delight to sit on for hours at a time - Best Motorcycle I have ever owned and I had it for 4 years - it was the longest I have ever had any motorcycle for ... and I have had many of them over the years ...
Autumn is here already as the weather has started to cool down and the trees are turning color and losing a few leaves - I am NOT looking forward to Winter and was hoping to be moved north by now but nothing has eventuated as yet - no doubt something will turn up somewhere along the line - it is difficult to find somewhere that a single pensioner can afford thesedays - unless you wanted to live in a crappy single flat in the lesser desirable places.
Thanks for the comments on the seating on the bike - it may not be a perfect fit - but it IS such a much better seat so it is a keeper - If & When I sell or trade the bike in on something else the Stock Seat will be on it and the HD seat will be incorporated in whatever I get myself - IF it is Needed ... Even if I remove the foam for reshaping for another bike, which would save me some upholstery costs ...
Take Care All - RIDE SAFE,
frostbite (Greg) ...

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