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New stuff = Less BEER money !

New stuff = Less BEER money !

New fender , polished wheels , calipers & rotors. Also the Fat Fork covers. OUCH ! ocanada , spirit7 , locoengnr & ynkmup : Need beer money FAST.... Bike Nite Thursday !




As important enough as bikes are to us, and should be to everyone...


Sweet looking ride.  It just gets better.

very nice,, that is a alot of martini money 

Looks good!


That looks great, but you have to find a way to get your beer fix! I send you a 6 pack....

Hey Ken, beer is over-rated! You never really own it ... go for the chrome! O.C says it'll get you chicks!

Beautiful Bike!

Chrome vs Beer - Chrome wins.  Looking sharp!

Every time I see your bike it looks better and better it is very very nice


Stunning!!! I love the paint! You'll have time for the beer while deciding which of the "babes" get to ride first.

LOVE the paint job and the chrome!

I'm allergic to hops so you'd never be able to woo me with beer. Wink


Beautiful bike!!!

well i'm certainly jealous. Looking good bro. Beer money's on the way.

What an amazing ride!

Everything came together perfect. Really good looking ride my man.

Looks really sweet

Man! That's awesome....

Looks phkn awsome bro !!! I will get mark to send you some beer cash when he gets paid Friday !!!

maybe some nearbeer 2% you can get  by on for a year or two

What a beauty!  Love the vibrant blue with silver. It's almost like more chrome. 

now that's a MEANie

That a new Reaper fender? Looks nice!

verry nice indeed love the paint work

wow, beautiful bike


With all that stuff, you won't drink beer for the next ten years. You got a very very very nice byke. congratulation.

Wow! You should be able to charge for photos of people standing next to it! Should bring in plenty of beer money!

Thank you YVES and Marty . Hope you having a GREAT and SAFE weekend !

You can have MORE fun WITHOUT THE BEER as your senses will be more in tune to enjoy your ride and your surroundings. Motorcycles+Safety=Fun!

Is it all better yet Ken??????

Kinda another bike , so its a "work in progress ! " Behave young man if possible !!

Sorry mate not possible Have to go and find Lowie dont know where he has gone old bugger.

Now this is a Meanstreak!
Great looking Bike Mate!

It is an outstanding ride Rex but the other 2 ain't that shabby either mate, yours and mine.

The side cover flame flows too

Thanks Wayne, yes I'm pretty proud owner.

Nice ride bro!

That's one sweet looking bike!

Its gone now.

Nice ride, what kind of polish do you use on your wheels?

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