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New Tee

New Tee

I couldn't resist it. Cool



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Great Tee Tezza.
Thought of this song when I saw this post.....the lyrics are almost appropriate for living in your 70's let alone living thru the 70's...Lol!

I’m with you Bro!!

Nice one.

Love it ! Betsy once told me I should stop riding when I turn 70. I told her, Not a chance in hell !

And I still like Rock & Roll.

Ride until you absolutely can't and then tell them all to go to hell when you keep trying anyways. I just hope I don't get alzheimers and forget what a bike is.

Great shirt Tezza!

randy, That's my plan ! I'll get it triked if I can. And when they put me in a home. My power chair will look like a bike.

"Right on" Terry. Just a few more years for me to be able to boast in that tee. Smiley-laughing

Thanks guys. I am totally convinced that riding keeps us mentally and physically alert as well as feeling young.

I agree 100% Terry. When you ride a bike your brain is working overtime to keep you out of harms way. The brain is also coordinating each of your limbs which are performing four different functions. That level of mental focus and energy has to be good for you. That’s my theory anyway !

Works for me !!

Keep Riding - It is the Best Medicine I have found ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Totally agree with that T. Congrats Tezza you doing very well young man.

Nice tee mate, but I wouldn't go around telling everyone your 70 you might scare riders of especially the women. LOL.

Someone got a new tshirt

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