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New Toys for the Drifter

New Toys for the Drifter

Couple more goodies for me...


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Cool, always a need for new additions for the bike,eh, Glenn.

Very cool

Glenn, more toys are better than less. Keep the photos coming.

Ps the radiator hose works well with the jack, tried it today.

Looks good.

Looking good Glenn Smiley-laughing

Thanks everyone.

Norman, thanks, I'll definitely use that as well. Working on some ideas for the jack. I'll post once I get it worked out.

Thanks Annie, Hope all is well with you and Adrian. I have been very neglectful here. Things should start to slow down a bit with fall / winter coming.

How do you like the cruise control? Give us a review.

Always nice adding accessories to our bikes!


I fitted these yesterday onto my Drifter engine bar: . I wanted extra lights on for daytime driving. They are very bright. Comparing the light with the stock headlight I decided to purchase some HID, inserts off ebay to replace the stock headlight:

This is my next project: probably next weekend. Brackets and parts purchased / built and on my bench waiting. I still have to fit the new front springs but since I've never done that before I have been putting it off.

What nex plans do you have?

Nice add's mate


Norman, nice products and project. I don't have any major projects planned. Other than making the lift work for the Drifter, it's time to save for the new suspension. It's rapidly becoming a must have. I'm making the run to Vegas Bike Fest in October. Too far a ride not to have the new shocks.....

Before you spend all the $$$ on a new set of shocks I suggest you test ride a Drifter [or at the very least another Vulcan] with some Progressives on. As such you are welcome to come down here and take my Drifter for a test ride to see how the shocks go. It may save you some $$$$ [if you ignore the cost of the plane tickets etc, Smiley-laughing ]

That is a great suggestion Norman. I will love to do day. Just can't ignore the plane tickets cost at this time but thanks so much for the offer.

Always great to accessorize.

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