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New Viking bags for the Sabre

New Viking bags for the Sabre

Got new saddlebags for the 1100, I think much better suited to it than the square leather ones that came on it... I have a better idea for the decal decorations but I like the looks of these bags... 




Nice lines. Did you know you can buy decal paper and make your own?

I thought of that... basically just too lazy...!

The bags look bigger also. I agree they look way better than leather.

I've seen there web site. They look like nice bags.

They look great.

They look Good ... I will be looking around for something similar early in 2019 ...
Ride Safe ...

Matching colors with the bike, well done. Looks good!

Very nice Alex.

Absolutely awesome looking hardbags Alex. As you know, I have Vikingbags on my VTX and one of my brothers has a pair on his VT1100 Sabre. We are very pleased with them.

for looks, because they do. Not so much roominess

Nice, looks good

They do look better than leather and shinnier too.. HI Drew been long time how are you? Hi Allen what's up wiht you guys?

Not a lot. Will Skype you next weekend, Scruffy


Nice thing with hard bags is you can lock them.

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