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New visor

New visor

Once a year I get a new visor when the old one is scratched and banged up. Makes a big difference




I buy new sunshades once a year.....

Now you can really see all of the talking on the phone violators. you have probably missed a few looking through scratched visor.

Nice...for second there I thought you had your helmet on a pool or pond....sigh..time for some new reading glasses!
Note to self..I must change over my visor on my full-face helmet.

Cool! Now you look like me! I know that was your intention.... :P

Only when kneeling Steve

Nice, plus the cages can't see your face & that scare's them LOL LOL LOL

Hey Steve, you can't get new glasses. Karen said the old ones were perfect for her when she borrowed them. What will she do next time she forgets hers?


Uwe, et. al., I have the same Helmet I think, the HJC IS-MAX-BT, See link at CCC:

Amazing thing about this Helmet is the Aviator pull-down Visor inside. So, I use a clear Visor for the Helmet and wear my customized Rx Sunglasses underneath. When I encounter in the face bright sun like at the sea or in the desert or even in morning and evening glares, I pull the Aviator pull-down inside providing double density protection and visibility!

A great Helmet you can get right here on CCC!

is the lol botton ramed

Hi Skeep, yeah, it's my favorite helmet. The internal sun visor is awesome when riding in the sun, especially mornings and evenings when the low sun is blinding you. Or when we ride in the Alps and go in and out of tunnels all the time.
I had to cut mine a bit since it was touching my nose Smiley-wink

Yes you had to say "Alps" ahhhh the many...

Nice visor! I have the same HTC IS-MAX-BT and love love love it!

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