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New Wind Shield

New Wind Shield

When summer`s gone and the more chilly air comes around a cover from the speed wind is just IT ! :-) 
Now, after puttin` this on I donnow why I didn`t earlier. No bugs on my jacket ?
Slowminder I must be cuz I had one on my Intruder ! LOL 
Pic is taken late August on a trip across to Sweden.
Very Nice 200 km ride alongside lakes and rivers high up close to the tree limit . 
Called The Blue Road due to the water of course. 
Hope I don`t step over some kind of line here posting pics of my tiny little 250cc on this here Cool Cruiser Custom site ! Lol
Take Care, sisters and brothers ! 


Own Photo: 



Great shot. Bike looks good.

Looks good

Will stop you from having to pick bugs out of your teeth

Sweet! That windshield looks to be just the right size.

Nice Arild, I must admit I do like screens.

Looks like a good set up.
Hopefully it will buy you some more ride time.

You will enjoy having a wind screen. Just keeping the wind pressure off of you is a big help.

Looks real good and will really help with the wind and icky bugs. i like my shields I have one on each bike.

Looking good Arild.

It is still 2 wheels with a motor. I love my Rebel for in town. Yes the big wind screen on it along with plexiglass zip tied to the engine guards greatly reduces the wind chill for riding back and forth to work in the winter. I don't wear any heavier jacket in the winter than when I ride without the windscreen in the summer (it was about 55 one evening I rode and about froze), this is what I have on the Rebel

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