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New year's eve

New year's eve

This is how Allen is spending his new year's eve lol



Safe at home !

Always happy New year

Julie looks like Allen has had to many beverages and passed out on the floor. Safer than riding. Happy New Year to you Julie and Allen.

At first I though he was laying on our floor! Looks like the same rug we have.
Were almost doing the same but were too old to lay on the floor anymore.....
Happy New Year you guys........

Looks like a good night

a great way to spend it. I'm doing the same with my cat, but not on the floor. I probably wouldn't be able to get up. LOL. Happy New Years guys!!

That's our two and our daughter

It is to cold to ride for me,lol and home is the best place to be

I am too old to lay on the floor to lol

Raymond, I'm just getting started, lol

A great way to spend some time with the dogs! Best wishes for 2018!!!

Looks relaxed.

Must be COLD - it is a Three DOG Night .... Smiley-laughing
The Three Dog Night Story, June Fairchild suggested the name after reading a magazine article about indigenous Australians, in which it was explained that on cold nights they would sleep with two dogs and, if the night was freezing, it was a "three dog night".[5]
Three Dog Night is an American rock band.
Thank The Puppies Smiley-laughing

Pretty nice looking doghouse

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