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Next night, next supper!

Next night, next supper!

After a fun-filled day riding in non-stop rain and fog that brought visibility to mere feet, we still gather and laugh & share stories. 



Happy bunch !

Nice to see nothing stop's you guys from riding. Nice group shot.Glad your all having fun.

Good meal and still smiling after a rainy ride. Very good on you guys.. Be safe..

Great to hear the craft weather didn't stop you lot!
Hope it clears for you.

WTF!!! Are you only together to visit restaurants???? LOL

Gert ... that’s where the name Cafe Racer came from. Motorcyclists who race their bikes from cafe to cafe!

Is that all you guys do, eat?? LOL.

Pretty much, yes. We ride, we stop, dry off, & EAT!! (We prefer to call it "fellowship"!! )

Who is the character at the back of the table

Very funny, RB!

Whoever he is, he’s got three fingers missing from his left hand. Must make the clutch action a bit of a challenge!

He's giving the invisible finger solute. Smiley-wink

Yes I hope there becomes reality but could just because of the table saw I use off and on

You can get that way from playing with fireworks too.

That’s the way the boucher asks for 5 beer!

lol !!

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