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Nice night for a cruise with the new 'shield

Nice night for a cruise with the new 'shield

I finally ordered, received and installed my National Chopped windshield and went for a ride...holy bobblehead! Went right back and put on the Memphis Shades lower deflectors...what a difference ! Im lovin it ... can do highway speeds no probem ... can actually cruise at 120km now ...couldnt even hit the highway before installing them as it felt like I was getting pulled off the bike... I really took a chance ordering everything due to the crash bars and lightbar ... but it paid off as everything fit perfectly (nice and subtle -doesn't take away from the classic look) - the windshield goes on and off without banging into anything (just enough clearance - and the lowers butt up against the front flashers and have a 1/4 inch clearance to the crashbar (actually cant even notice the lowers from some angles) .. I also added the Kuryakyn grips to eliminate the V Star's notorious vibrations - works is the ORK 




Looks great.

Yes, I notice any speed above 45 mph, I feel like I'm getting blown off the bike, but then again at 145 lbs, it doesn't take much wind.

Perfect mods for making your V-Star your own.

Good mods!

Nice bike and pic. I’m sure the shield will give you a lot of extra comfort!

Excellent shot, and a good review of the windshield and lower deflectors! I love the look of a bike without the windshield, but I also love long highway rides, so my windshield just stays on. Sounds like you might have the perfect fix for riding with, or without.

Nice looking 1100, those few extra's make a big difference. Ride safe Gordo.

Thanks for the comments! When we get some warmer weather I will have it off for all local riding (as it comes off in 5 seconds). I thought I would share the mods as I had researched a lot of other sites/videos where they said that the 'shield and some lightbars won't fit together - and mixing different components/brands like the deflectors and shields may/will not work together... I was also told by the distributor that the swingarm bag would not fit...that's what I like this community - is the sharing of information and ideas - hopefully someday, someone looking to mod out will read this - and other ideas shared by the community - and find it helpful with their decision making

Glad it’s working for you.

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