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Nice ride with friends

Nice ride with friends

It was great to get out and ride with a few mates a couple of weeks ago . Thanks tezza , Paul and Matt , it was nice to catch up .


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It was a great day. Must get some more in before wild hogs.

Gosh Australia must be just non stop pie shops, or that's your favorite food cause we see so many of them. LOL

It was good catch up and a great ride.

Meat pies???? Now that's something new to me. I was thinking more like cherry, apple and banana cream!! LOL
Now I understand

Glad you all was able to get out and enjoy a ride together.

We had a perfect day with very little traffic giving us the opportunity to blow out a few cobwebs and be at one with our rides.

We have lots of restaurants and bars but non of them is a pie shop or restaurant. To be honest, I've never tasted a pie like that in my life and I really would like to try one...

Nice to see something from you again Nobby! Nice pic and great you're able to join a ride with mates....

Much better to have pies in the sky versus our current smoke.

You couldn't just try one Gert as there are hundreds of variety in the meat pie range from the plain meat pie right through to mushroom, potato, steak and kidney.
Your choices are endless.

Sorry I missed it.
Matt, that ad was a blast from the past! Have you tried the combination from that? Roo Pies?

Edwins, I love on your link under Gourmet foods they had a metric measuring kit.

I think I will stay with my meat being baked, grilled, fried but not put into a pie. Pie is the desert. Then again, if I was starving, any thing is possible.

Dont mind a Skippy Pie Steve and Ive tried Croc too from Fredos at Fredickson on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales

I would like to try croc

The pie shop I referred to makes such a huge variety Allen its hard to pick just one.
Different pastries are what makes the difference between a sweet pie and the meat pie.

It is always fun to meet up and have some food, drink together. Then catching up on all the things from the last time you got together.

Matt, I think it wouldn't be any problem to try more as one to taste several differents. Maybe not all of them the same day....

Come on down guys, we will do a pie run.

Nice get together and good to see you out on the bike Nobby and enjoying some of Australias culinary delights the old dog's eye and dead horse...can't beat it

Nothing like a nice hot maggot bag Spratty. Smiley-wink

Thanks all , we all needed a ride , me especially . You overseas CC'ers dont know what your missing with a meat pie . If you get the chance , as we say here , " have a go " you'll love it with some ketchup or BBQ sauce .
Gert , thanks mate .

Tezza I was trying to keep it still a little tempting...but maggot bag works too. lol

Nobby....ketchup??? A dogs eye'n'sauce! Tomato sauce.

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