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A Nice Surprise

A Nice Surprise

So, this is from my sister in laws after a concert. I play bass flute with Chesapeake Flute Consort and we started our season for 2017-2018. We do have performances on You Tube if you want to check them out. Beats flowers any day! I got cool in laws!!



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Flowers after a ride just doesn't quite beat a drink after a ride.

So that is the secret to being a flautist and having a wet whistle...LOL!

Don't drink it all at once. Unless you want to, lol

That sure beets flowers. Lot more tasty too.

Yeah, I don't like the taste of flowers

Way better than flowers.

Dub, Not only a wet whistle. But settle your nerves for solos

A very nice surprise.

Well, that's COOL! And the Son in Whitehorse the X tech also played flute in grade and high school. Must be part of the trade....EH?

Could be ! Cool ! You found the video. I'm second one front row right side. Also last August I have retired from the X after 37 years.

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