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Nice, warm and most comfortable shoes for Dennis...

Nice, warm and most comfortable shoes for Dennis...


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Very 'Trendy' Gert - luv' em ..... maybe a bit difficult to change gear with ...... cheers, ride safe .....

Good picture

Dennis is looking very relaxed in the clogs.
You'll have to get him to do a little jig in his new attire

I'd like to see him try to walk in those clogs after a few drinks. LOL. VID PLEASE!!!

I have a set Gert sent me and they are the best things to wear I have ever had. You can ride with them, I have.. They keep your feet cool and it is really weird how comfify these things are.. Looking good Dennis.

And like the trees they come from, they last forever. Enjoy the vacation Dennis.

Enjoy the stay Dennis

They look a bit big. Looking at them, it seems strange that they are comfy. I will have to find some and try them out.
You have ridden with them Wayne? I want to see the video of that!

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