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Nice winter’s day

Nice winter’s day

Nice day today so I thought I’d clean the dust off the Valk. Might wipe some polish on it tomorrow....or maybe not.


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She looks great Al!

Can you come around and do mine tomorrow Al?

The secret is standing exactly the right distance with the sun behind you and you would never know it needed a polish....Looking good !

Al ... if you do, try to not to pull a muscle or strain a tendon

Dub.That's the 2 meter rule. does it look good from 2M or more.

It sure needs a good polish Al, now you cleaned the bike so this is the moment!

Vardy, too late. I have my back issues returning. Been a real PITA this year.
Gert, you’ve shamed me into it....if my back can cope.
Dub ...2 metres? 10 metres.....even that was a bit close for a car I spray painted years ago. It was a Stevie Wonder 20 meters.

A real head turner.

Pretty bike with or without polish!

Thanks Charlie. I gave it some polish anyway.

Looking good.

Thanks Bill.

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