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Night before the ride.

Night before the ride.

Just putting the bike up for the ride to Troy Montana. Ben's place



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Hah ! That is a Real Shed ! Smiley-laughing
I`d love to have a building like that, with a corner to my stereo and guitar rig !
Have an Awesome Ride . Be Safe ! Smiley-laughing

Yes the bike needs to rest up, lol. Enjoy your ride and be safe

Now that's a shed!!

That's not a shed, that's my man cave :), room for my camper, little boat, golf carts, tools and benches, on other side, and woodstove for heat

Well... It's still nice!!! Very cool.

Big boy toy crib...sweet!

Like the night before Christmas!

I officially have a very severe case of shed envy!!!!!

Me too !!!!
In younger years I wanted a real Huge Garage with lots of space and a little cozy flat on the second floor to live in ! Would have been Great ! Smiley-laughing
Still think .... ! Lol

Good to see the bike gets to spend the night with her riding sisters...

You said it Phil. I can't believe I actually agree with you

When we left the next morning it was like 45 to 50 degs. I was chilly. I just came from 70-80 deg mornings. Ben got to hear me whine but it warmed up around 11am or so.

Need to Spirit up that Viking-blood of yours Wayne ? Lol
Glad it warmed up !
Happy riding !!

Wayne gotten spoiled living in central part of state, was a balmy 32 degrees when I left for work this morning, if it's not above 60 he is cold, but hes a trooper and bundle up and join me for rides up here in the cold part of state

Thats Good Ben ! Smiley-laughing You got to help him "spirit up" a bit then !! Lol
Have a Nice & Enjoyable trip you guys!
Envy you a "bit" autumm being here ans night frost around the corner !
Ride Safe ! Smiley-laughing

Ben on to Eureka maybe. We can get one or two ride in before it gets cold. We had a GREAT time riding around WA, ID and MT.

Wonderful !! Biggrin

I'm in for Eureka, but have some things need to get done around property, so be towards end month.

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