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No clue how I wound up in Fisher

No clue how I wound up in Fisher

I have no clue how I wound up in Fisher but it was a good ride



That's a great looking picture of your bike Val & the building in the back ground looks very interesting.
What line of business was the "Fischer Store" used for?

That makes for a good picture

Nice pic! Rode by the Fischer Store and down Fischer Store Road just this past Sunday!

Matt, it was a general store back in the day. Now its a historical site

Great photo Val!

I've always been fond of the "I wonder where this road goes?" expeditions.
Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
I like the word.

Very nice pic Valerie

Edwin, most of my planned trips turn into that...I just get lost a bit....

LOL Me too Al. That's why I'm a bit nervous about leading a ride up in Arkansas. We may wind up in Delaware!!

That'll be fine Valerie

You say that cause you drive a couch LOL

Absolutely. U can ride one as well, lol

You'll have this. My Indian has been known to end up in the next county with me on it. And some times we find are way home.

Nice shot Val. Sometimes the wonder road leads to a cool place.

No I can't Allen. My legs are too short Smiley-laughing

They make a comfortable seat that will make u closer to the ground. Seen a pic of one just today

But Capt. up where you live the states are as big as our counties. LOL

Doesn't matter where and how you end up Val as long as they have coffee. Nice pic.

Great shot Val. Even though you don;t know how you got there. I bet you enjoyed the ride.

Terrific pic Val, I thought for a minute it was one of Charlies pics. Very nice I like the old store

Yea Val, In five hours I can ride though three states.

It takes me longer than that to get out of Texas LOL

I know. I can be in Delaware in 45 min.

Be nice, Val or they'll divide up Alaska and make you third. lol

LOL. Considering there are more bears in Alaska than people there is no one to stop them from doing that. I do feel bad for the people that live there though, In the summer the mosquitoes and black flies are enough to drive you insane.

Fisher store... I don’t see any water or fish Val?!

Your bike is looking good - nice piccy ....
Take Care & Ride Safe ....

Gert, it may have had fish and water in it at one time back in the day. Nice pic. I prefer to know where I am going. Have read, watched to many stories of people who did not get back alive when they got lost. Selling books my freshman year in college in the Smokie Mountains in North Carolina I almost did not make it back by going down this dead end road. Ended up with a 30-30 leveled between my shoulder blades.

That's not good Randy. Just another reason not to go east

Its not all like that. Randy was in the boonies and there still was near buy. They thought he was a revenuer.

That is good to get lost while riding, Randy does it all the time. I just turn left when it suits me no real reason. Seems like the thing to do.. Great you had a nice ride

I'm with you Wayne, lol

Most of the time I do it the same way. Just go left or right and see what happens. And the funny thing is, even in this little country, sometimes I find new places I’ve never seen and I, never been before....

Randy is too skinny to be a revenuer

LOL Val.
We have come up to a stop sign and Betsy asks me where are we. I looked over and said damned if I know. This was kind of a problem since I was on reserve. I now carry a map.

Yes Wayne we have gotten lost on occasion and had to backtrack, but at least it was not a dead end road with some old coot was was ready to shoot you trying to sell a "study" book. He probably thought I was an undercover cop looking for his moonshine still.

Just got to be very careful. That is why I pack my 380 you just never know...I have had my share of that kind of thing when they know your packing they back off and let you go on your way.. There is a lot of that around here up norther WA and northern Idaho. Just do some fast talking and your out of there.

I'm packing a 9 now. It's smaller

The only thing I’ll be packing is clean underpants !!! I hope that’s enough to keep me safe !!!

That is all you need. We'll just raise clean white undies and we'll be OK. The last time I shot a fire arm at someone was 1970 - 71. Thanks to the Marines.. That was then .. That is whole other story..

Good thing Peter cause if we have to break out the fire arms you will most likely make a little streak in the ones you are wearing Smiley-laughing

that is why I'm learning Krav Maga, for the next person who mistakenly points a gun in my face. He/she will have wished they didn't.

That’s exactly what I was thinking Val .... PMSL!!

Get browns ones Pete!

Naw, we'll have Allen with us. He speaks Arkansaian. Arkansawien, ?? Their language Smiley-laughing :) Smiley-laughing

we'll just have to pull out the moonshine jug and offer a drink, everything will be fine until someone says hold my drink while I try this.


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