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No Coal For Me Last Chirstmas

No Coal For Me Last Chirstmas

Some nice accessories for the Indian. Tank pouch, Leather grips and a ball cap.


Own Photo: 




You must have been extra nice..The stuff looks good an even better when you get then on.

Looks like you was good. Very nice stuff

Two thumbs up for your accessories for the Chief and the CAPT.

Looks good. Post a pic when you get them on.

... and the train set ? Yours ?

Yep! It's a Lionel from 1947. 027 gauge on O gauge track.


Capt and Peter you will have to fill me in on the gauge track thing, in Eureka Springs, lol

Yes, you now need to come the Eureka Springs and show it all off.

Good looking haul!

I'm with you Randy

Cool! I am curious about the leather grips, let us know how they go.

You must have been a very good boy Capt

Those grips look nice. Let me know what they're like.

Yeah Tezza....about time you got a grip.

.... of a nice cold beer.

cold I can accommodate. leave your beer out side with a stick in it and have a beer sickle !


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