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No low carb diet here.

No low carb diet here.

I often get asked about the velocity stacks on the Valk. “Have you got filters in there?”....”No, I just want to suck as much air in as I need”.  Of course, these are only for looks and the actual air filter/intake is under the gas tank.  


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Like a dummy blower on a street rod.

They look the part!

They do look good!

I'm feeling very disappointed.
They look like the "Real McCoy"

Matt, I went out to look at a bike the other week and the shop had a Valk they were trying to start. They had been spraying “Start ya Bastard” down the stacks....onto the dead end cover over the actual carb. They were a bit embarrassed when I told them.....and after that I wasn’t really interested in the bike they had just serviced and listed for sale.

Al ... that is actually very funny

I hope I never go there for anything

I don't blame you Al.

Really Al? Share please! Just in case.

A small shop in the Sutherland area Sreve.

Laughed out loud when I read about the starter spray into the velocity stacks...oh, my!

Just wondering...did you tell them to check the blinker fluid, too? sides are hurting now...

Yeah Charlie. I thought abought telling them the error of their ways but decided not to. Blinker fluid? It goes in the stack too just to give the engine a more powerfull lumpy sound....when it cuts in and out....

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