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Not Happy. 1

Not Happy. 1

I had a drunk woman at work try to sit on my bike last night.  This was the result.  I'm not happy to say the least, and YES...she will be paying . Police were called as at first she ran off.  She also damaged the car with her shoulder when she fell. Hope it hurts today when she sobers up. Luckily only minor damage to my bike. She is 60 years old !!  She thought it was funny !!  Just goes to show that with age doesn't necessarily come intelligence.


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A thumbs down as I don't like hearing about a drunk not owning up to their actions

That sucks Tony. Hope the cops caught her

Bloody Hell ! :-O
It is Good that you are oh though Tony!
Is th bike rideable ?

Face it it was her inexperience with motorcycles that made her think she had the talent to sit on the bike.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Tony. Glad there's not much repairs required. Your right about the intelligence bit, I question myself sometimes, or should I say my wife questions it all the time. LOL.

So you work with this woman...that could get awkward. Like you say hopefully the pain lingers for a long time!

No i don't work with her. She was drunk in the street where i had my bike parked

Aaaargh! Sorry to hear Tony.

This is why alcohol is nothing more then dumb juice in some people. Make them think there smarter then they really are.
Hope she felt like someone beat the crap out of her in the morning.

I wouldn't be happy either Tony. :(

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