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This is not my speedometer

This is not my speedometer

This is what my thermometer showed on my ride home, officially on the news we tied the record high of 1898, but the temperature is still climbing, and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter



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Pretty slow I say, only 110 Km/hr. LOL STay cool and hopefully you don't have any smoke to put up with in that heat. at 5:30 pm we are 98 degrees and unhealthy air from the smoke.

That is HOT. We have smoke so bad, that there is ashes falling sometimes.

That is pretty warm for you guys. Come down here in Jan/Feb=50c, 125f

Wow HOT...110 thermometers/hr! The hottest I recorded here was in my car 42C (June 29th) which would be was 86

Yikes! That’ll soften those tar snakes.
Stay cool

That what it is here with more smoke can only see about 3/4 mile.

Smoke is bad here too,

Between the heat and the smoke. I say just stay inside. That's not good for you.

You pretty much summed it up Capt. The Bird has been ridden since I got back from Eureka Springs due to the conditions. Still riding the Rebel back and forth to work. As Bill said, I see the ash falling in the headlights when I ride home at night.

Riding with a dust mask would be recommended too. I wouldn't be surprised if the ER has seen an uptick in breathing problems.

Temps accross the globe are being broken this year....mother nature is some pissed off with us

Sure glad I trip when I did. Missed all the smoke

Yes you got lucky Valerie in missing it as a good portion of the areas you rode through have smoke in them from various fires burning.

Pleasantly warm.

Wow, that's hot! How was the humidity?

Humidity??? Maybe 10-15% and that would be HIGH. Extra dry heat but still HOT.

What would that feel like if there was 80-90% humidity with it like down southeast. Probably like wearing clothes in a sauna. Dripping wet and dehydrated because of it.

I just got done cutting the grass here. Its hot and humid and I'm soaked. Road yesterday and came back. Dry were the wind could get me. Soaked were the wind couldn't reach.


I like it here no humidity even with the high temps it is bearable cause high humidity is 25%. That is only once in a while. most it is 10-15%. WE got rain yesterday rained hard got .15 of an in. Now for a yearly total is up to 2.75 in..

No worries Todd. I took a shower before I typed my comment.

That there is EGG FRYING Temperature .... Head for the SHADE - OR your nearest Swimming hole and Get some Cold Beers on the way .... NOT RIDING Temps... Oil thins down too much and causes premature wear on Internal Engine Parts ..... FIT an OIL Cooler if you must ride in that sort of heat and SAVE your Engine - Your bike will be grateful for it ....
Cheers & Ride Safe

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