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Not quite ready to go here !

Not quite ready to go here !

I have a couple of more months of the white stuff here before I can get my ride ut of storage 




I hate winter! I see something what seems to be sunshine isn’t it? Do you have a lot of snow at the moment?

It's really weird weather here...went from -20C Jan 30th to +11C yesterday (which was a record high) - we had a big dump of snow last week, but it disappeared in 1 day (with flooding!) back to -3 today with everything icing up. This may cause the schools to close which never happens here in the great white north !
And ya...I hate winter too (except for hockey)

Looks like here. Winter really sucks.

Looks pretty , though!

We are having tumultuous weather across the country at the moment. In the far north of Queensland we are seeing catastrophic floods with a years worth of rain falling in a couple of days. In the far south in Tasmania we have bushfires. And in South Australia a couple of weeks ago we had record high temperatures, hitting 46°C. Crazeeee!

Freezing rain and all schools are closed here today - the roads are a mess !

We had Thunder Sleet last night at 2:00 am It shook the house. Crazy weather.

Last Friday we had 3+ inches of snow. I never saw it. We had to run to Florida to take care of family at the drop of the hat. Called my brother back home that day and told him it was in the 80's here. He was not impressed.

-25C here, with the forecast saying we can expect “below normal temperatures” for the next few weeks.....

STILL, it’s GREAT to see this site back up and running! Without it, winter is even LONGER. Ride safely, all you southerners!

We have more snow on the way as well...along with freezing rain ...geeesh winter! just end it!

I looked outside a moment ago and it was snowing. Dumb groundhog !!!

I don’t know if this is the end of winter, it could be just for a week or so, but the weather announcements for this week are realy unrealistic for this time of year.... + 10 degrees and sun!!! The little Honda will be used for some rides this week, that’s for sure!!!

The bikes are kept behind the house and the yard is like soup. So there not going anywhere soon. I did start them up and let them run for a few minutes to keep the fuel moving though the carburetor in one and injectors in the other.

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