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Not A Way To End, A Ride.....

Not A Way To End, A Ride.....

I went for a ride today and rounded a blind corner and a deer ran across the road. Missed the deer, but slid into a cemente barrier. I flew over the barrier and hit my leg on it. Nothing broke, just a few scrapes and bruises on my leg.


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OMG your lucky!! Damn deer. Shoot them all and make burger

Your going to be sore in the morning

That's crap mate, hope you are not too beat up

Good to hear your okay Bill.
Rest up mate.
You can always fix your bike.

Thanks peeps. Val, I'm sore now!! LOL.

Definitely should be icing it. The bike can be fixed easily, the body not so easy. I have thought about this scenario many a time, if I have the choose of hitting deer or trees, solid object off the road, I think I'm going to hit the deer and hope it can jump and move just in time. May you heal fast.

Speedy recovery, Bill.

Damned Bill, that’s no good news. Glad you’re not more damaged because as we all know, that can happen realy fast when something like this happens! Wish you a speedy recovery and yes, you need some new clothes and a helmet now. How is your bike, I mean... also a lot of damage on the bike?

Take care Bill and heal quickly so you can be back on the road again.

As long as you're Ok Bill that's all that can always get the deer next time!
I do like Val's idea though!

Shit! Sorry to hear Bill. Glad you are generally ok. Take it easy !

Glad you didn't have worse, Stupid damn deer. Also, those so-called deer warning whistles don't work.

Flipping deer ! They have there rightful place. Right next to the mashed photos.
Get well soon. It looks like the highway bars and bat wing helped to protect you.

And I'll bet he was not crossing at his sign.

Thanks peeps.
Yes Capt they took the brunt of the crash and saved me and the bike from getting further damaged.
Yeah Edwins, those were and are just a joke.

LOL Val, you are so right. I saw a deer crossing sign 10 miles back. Glad I missed the deer or it could have been worse.

That's great Randy

Yeah Randy.

You lived through it VERY GOOD now start getting our bike fixed. Stay safe and keep watch for those critters.. I've dodged a few this year. I don't slow down I'll just hit them.I have seen what has happened to those that try and dodge them.. Heal up fast

I drove 75 kms / 45 miles down a local rural highway last week. Unbelievable number of dead kangaroos and wallabies (smaller version of the kangaroo). I stopped counting at 80. Every one of them represented a car/truck (and maybe motorbike) strike.

ICBC Bill?

Lucky you were Bill. Glad your OK, where getting a bit to old to come of bikes now, but when you can walk away, that's good. Quick repairs and back in the saddle.

Vardy, I thought raccoons and opossums had suicidal tendencies. Roo's must be too.

Cap ... Roos have small brains and are generally not road smart. We have a particular problem at the moment because of prolonged drought. The food in their natural bush habitat has all but disappeared and they are foraging by the roasdside and in urban areas because there is a bit of growth there. We call that roadside verge the "long paddock" because cattlemen will often graze their cattle on road verges when the feed in their paddocks dries up. Every morning there is fresh Roo poo on my front lawn

And Wombats. Those suckers are solid as rock and really do damage.

That Wombat looks almost like a giant Guinea Pig

like a I posted the video link, the animals are out to get us. There are those who do commit suicide for their cause just like the kamikaze airplane pilots in WWII

Beacon insurance Todd.

Peter, we never have that many animal road kills in that distance, 80+ dead animals on or along the road in 45 miles is harsh. Now I realize why they may keep your speeds locked down.

We get our share with deer too. As they continue to develop land. Deer are pushed into the suburbs. ( funny though, that was there land). So if you don't hit one. you find them eating the wife's flowers.

People in Ashland (just 20 minutes south of me) think it is nice to have deer in town to watch, but then they complain when the cougars follow the deer in and munch on an occasional dog or cat instead of the deer.

I get a kick out of the people who move to the country because the little animals are so nice to be around and they start poisoning and shooting them all cause they are into everything. LOL

When I had my motorcross bike I hit a coyote right boradside at 50km an hour and it instantly acted like a block of wood wedging my front wheel to the ground. Over the bars I went as the rear of the bike followed me, ya I had that S L O W motion view of the whole wreck. Its strange how that happens but, over the many wrecks I have had, I hate that slow motion feeling as It strangely give you time to think just how much this is gonna hurt....I laugh about it now, some of you may know what I am talking about. But I would get up off the ground and dust myself off, then pick up the bike first to check for damages before I looked myself over. Then you hope someone actually got to see the wreck so you can bragg about it.................

Geezzzz Todd. That really sounds painfull

Particularly for the Coyote!!!!

I know the feeling Todd. It only hurts a couple days later. You just get up and do it all over again the next day or so.

That really sucks. Glad your okay

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