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November Photo Contest

November Photo Contest

For those that have forgotten how to wash your hands, lol. 





Good one ! LOL

Who do those in three languages here

Good procedural reinforcement of staff hygiene around food handling by O'Charley's...would make you feel good about eating in your favourite restaurant Allen!

That is just too much work. I'll just spray them down with Carb cleaner. That stuff will kill anything.
I have never seen anyone wash their hands with that procedure. It is good to know that I have been washing my hands all wrong for 65 years. Just watch now I'm going to get sick.

Wayne that would just be your luck. LOL

Is this at your work Allen? I see it... You go to work. 8 Hour work shift, two little coffee breaks (30 minutes), one bigger lunch break (30 minutes), at least 10 little smoke breaks (60 minutes), toilet breaks let's say 2 (10 minutes), have a few sneezes or coughs, shaking some hands, taking some coffees at the working place without having a real break, let's say 4... and now washing hands before and after doing all these activities.... 2 minutes before and after for washing hands is about another two hours spend.... You'll be damned tired returning home from work as you did about three hours real work a day following this hand wash procedure!!!!! LOL

No Gert, not at work. Plus no coffee r smokes for me. It's in a local resturant

I knew it, just joking Allen! LolSmiley-wink

Being the good nurse Val. I have never been sick or even had the flue. I think I'll just keep doing what I have been doing. The wife is always washing her hands and seems to have some kind of cold or flue or something. She doesn't get it either. She thinks I should get sick once and a while. I think its' the carbcleaner I use.

Gert your correct if everyone would follow those directions they would only have to work about 1 1/2 hrs a day.

Allen look what you started.. You got me to post.

Wayne, glad I was able to accomplished something, lol. Just thought it was funny that someone needed a sign on how to wash your hands. I've been washing mine for a lot of years now. I learned it at a young age, lol

Wash your hands, wash your hands Fool

My mother kept me spotless growing up as a child and I was always sick with a cold. The little Indian kid across the street ran around filthy and he never was sick. One needs to be exposed to a few germs, dirt, etc of and on to build up some immunity.
Yes I have seen that sign many a place. Just another thing a good number of people rebel at. And just like the horse, you can lead it to water, but to make it drink is another whole story.

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