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November photo contest

November photo contest

I found my sign, nothing really funny about it, but these are the strangest, funniest looking motorcycles I have ever seen.  I left a note by the sign about these were not motorcycle, one person replied back that I shouldn't feel so flippin priveldged and thinking I was God just because I ride a motorcycle.


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LMAO !!!
Some people are just .... ! Smiley-laughing


Maybe you can borrow the one at the right side, when it really rains one day and you've to go home...

There are and there will always be some strange people Randy... Glad you don't need that much space with the rebel! Smiley-wink

It is ok now that hardly no one is riding to work any more, but this some the spots were all full and I had to park in the other parking garage that tends to be not heated and more open to dust, etc.

Good one Randy.

Don't know that I've ever seen a four wheel motorcycle, lol

Randy just move it out of the way. Just hit the little red button on the ground panel and start to move the lift. All the controls are in the panel. It moves at about 2-3 mph.

Answer back...Well yes I am.

Wayne, I value my job, maybe if it were the last day of work, then yes move it around the corner.

Never seen such kind of bike! Must be "an american" thing...

No Marek, no offense, but I think it is a Polish type bike.

Oh well, someone else had "issues" about God when all you were about was economizing space! Why do critics have to get so transcendental about things, LOL

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