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now helmet bling, Cardo Packtalk Bold

now helmet bling, Cardo Packtalk Bold

Even without riding in a group I can use it to listen to tunes.  Hopefully if works as advertised, I can talk to others.  If I remember correctly Allen and Julie have communication system.  Charging as I post this.  Will be getting used to it within the next few days.


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Cool! So if you hear someone saying you missed the turn you can send them a thank you

The real problem will be recognizing voices, is it the phone telling me I missed the turn or a rider telling me I missed the turn. Maybe I'll put the sticker on the back of my trunk that says, don't follow me, I'm lost also.

That will work LOL

I have a very early version Cardo Scala. They are awesome!

Good pick up Randy...At least now you will know where the voices in your head are coming from......Lol!

Nice. Hope they work well.

Very strange happenings. I received one headset yesterday from them, did NOT have to sign for it. It was left in my delivery box I built. Today I got a 2nd headset from them that I had to sign for. I checked by credit card statement and currently only showing one charge. Will have to call tomorrow to see what they have recorded. If I remember correctly in reading about it, It is serial numbered thus if stolen they can inactivate it

2 will come in handy when you have a riding partner.

Betsy and I ride our own bikes. We have Sena SMO10. Its a big help to us from where are we going to stop for lunch to heads up hazards.

Steve, my wife rides with so very little that I find it hard to justify the cost. Of course they can't acknowledge a shipping error and maybe offer a $40 refund for the extra cost of the cheapest price I found, then yes.

Never heard of that brand. Hopefully it works like you want it to

Yes Allen, hopefully it will bluetooth pick yours up, otherwise it is a really expensive radio and speakers. It does bluetooth pickup my Iphone.

The JC communication system will not pair with ours. Our friend had the JC and will not pair with our Sena

Supposedly this is to pair with any system that uses bluetooth technology. This is their advertisement on it, Connect your unit to any Bluetooth headset of any substantial brand. With both DMC and Bluetooth technologies on board you’ll never be left behind. Guess I'll find out when I see you in Eureka Springs. It is a good thing I rechecked my schedule and trip plans, otherwise I would have been a day late on all hotel reservations I made.

Your getting old Randy. LOL.

Randy, we're not planning on taking out full faced helmets. We are not required to wear them in Arkansas. But we are taking our turtle shell helmets. Just in case we go to Missouri

Those poor turtles gave their lives. Hopefully you ate the meat and didn't totally waste them.

Why do you need even one as a lonely rider Randy? I’ll tell you a secret. No problem to getting older a bit and you can talk to yourself without using them! LOL

Bluetooth has a small range. Usually the headsets can only pick up another after they have been "paired".
Mine can pick up a paired unit within 500 meters, as tested in TN in 2013. I think it use radio waves to pair with other headsets, the bluetooth is for the phone in your pocket.

If we pair to another Sena we can stretch out about 2 miles. Don't know what that is in meters

Gert, I bought the system for the music when I'm by myself and when with others, hopefully can talk with them as riding instead of using old hand signals that might not be seen.
I called the company about getting the 2nd unit and no charge for it. They said they would send me an email with a return label, but have not seen it yet. Has been a week. I'll keep it for 2 months before I consider to sell it to a friend for a really, really good price.

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