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Now this sounds like a place to spend some time:)


I think I need to inform Wayne that there probably is NO whiskey there nor a town to even serve it. Heck, you are getting close to me neck of the woods. Did you ride through on Hiway 44 and the Lassen volcanic biway through Redding, CA? California does have cheaper liquor prices than Oregon and Washington. Washington is really high priced. California is about half a cheap as Washington.

I did Randy. What a great place to ride

Shoot Val. While you were in my part of the country we could have gone to Bourbon for Bourbon. Just sayin'.

My instant thought was ... Wayne needs to be told !!! LOL

LOL that's the first thing that entered my mind

With My luck it was a dry town.

No dry towns in Australia, hallelujah!
There are however dry communities, but for a complete different reason.

I know about CA. We take trips down there twice a year with several orders. The same 5th there is $5.00 but here it's $35.00 so I stock up. We fill a pick up full of booze. No dry towns here either. HAVE FUN VAL..

Funny thing about dry towns. For some time Damascus MD was a dry town. Every so often it would be brought up for a referendum vote. The horrors of it all. The town would turn into a den of inequity if this passed. And who was the driving force behind keeping it dry? The guy that owned the liquor store just outside the town limits. Go figure.

Couldn't agree more Valerie

Man I'm looking at TV and it looks like the entire area where I took this picture is on fire

That's to bad. It will be years before it recovers.

Yes Valerie, it is the news, some homes in Redding CA burned, and other towns in the area were hit. Capt, the areas tend to recover faster than you think, although as I ride around the area here you can always tell areas that have had burns due to the burned trees that are still standing with the new growth around them. It looks ugly for the first 3 years then picks up pretty fast.

Randy, This is a lot different then around here. If we have a forest fire the place is shot for a wile. The Northern CA fires have made the national news. Sucks, people lose there house and every thing. Most likely you have seen the rains and floods on my side of the country. If I could ship the rain to them I would.

I got rained out detailing the bikes this afternoon.

The forest recovers much faster than the people who loose homes, etc. Another one of Mother Nature's nasty ass moods. It is has been around way before we were here and is the reason much of the land is the way it is. The weather plays a huge role in how various landscapes have evolved over time and continue to evolve. We just happen to get caught in the evolvement. Then to think there are those who believe we will eventually be able to control the weather. Not in my or daughter's lifetime.

There are those who think they can control the world. Down in New Mexico they have prevented fires and controlled burns. With those ponderosa pines they have created a ticking time bomb. No one or thing is going to stop nature.

I do feel we could do a better job of managing our forests. Selective logging would help tremendously.

Anything to do with 'Whisky & Recreation' I'm up for it ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

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