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October Photo Contest

October Photo Contest

OK.. So they decided to make Hwy 281 a beautiful divided Hwy. So they paid someone to plan develop and build this great Beautiful road. But the fools ran it straight into a US Post Office. So they had to stop constuction and rerout trafic around it. REALY!!! So what the heck were they thinking?? That the Federal Government would move the post office for them???


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That's funny. Maybe they thought the fedral goverment would give them some money to help, if they done it this way

I thinks someone was smoking too much funny weed when they drew up the blueprints.

This is not Colorado Randy Smiley-laughing

Valerie, I must admit that I have some prime money making swamp land to sell you if you really think you have NO one in Texas not using the funny weed. As they say, laws are just made to be broken.

LOL Good point

LOL, Now that's funny!!! I guess the saying goes YOU HAD ONE JOB TO DO.........

What are you complaining about??? That's the most easy way I've ever seen to go to a post office!!! LOL

Obviously lack of communication on that project.

If they just simply put a bulldozer through it, then they would have to build another. Not in the middle of a freeway either. Just thinking.

Dig a Tunnell under the office or build a Brigde over it !
HOW Hard can it BE ?
Give them some speed and they`ll fix it in a week !! Lol

At least that post office would eliminate "snail" mail. Speedy in and out like Gert said.

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