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Oh Boy!!!

Oh Boy!!!

Somehow Wayne managed to pull me out from my PMS hibernation and indirectly forced me to log in on the site.
What a surprise when I checked the mail box last friday!

Thanx Scruffy!

BTW... Is it the right placement of those fellows? I´m asking because.. Huh... the screws kind of... hurt my eyes...




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Congrats Marek. They look good where they are at. Wait you can't see them though, lol. Glad to see you on the site. Way to go Wayne

Good to "see" you Marek.
You've been missed.

Flipping awesome

Now there's a familar face. Come back more often my friend

Rats, your back again!
Good to see you on the site again Marek!

How the fuck did you do that? I mean.... we had a chat today and that’s not a pic you made today... that’s well done photoshopped my friend or... you painted your hair this late afternoon after returning home from work! LOL

Nice BLUE rats anyway!!!

Well done Wayne!

I want to know the secret of staying youNg and having long dark hair Marek PLEASE.
I thought you use super glue to stick the rats on. LOL. Glad to see your still with us I'm sure Gert will keep you in check.

Y U sneaky bugger. I wanted me wife to order me purple ones to put on my Rebel. I got gray ones. I suspect someone forgot to die the fur. So nice to see you pulled up out of the funk. Gert, these are PURPLE not blue. But then again if you are viewing them through cigarette smoke haze, they make look blue. LOL Yeah you know me.
Thanks Wayne for getting a way to let us all know Marek is still alive and at least kicking around just a little bit.

They look very nice right there. Just don't blink they may take a while to set in like contacts. Just have to wear them a bit to get use to the irritation. Glad they made the trip OK. Have a nice Happy week Marek, Still thinking of you..

If you leave them there your vision will really get screwed.

He doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what any of you think

Welcome back Marek. We missed your sense of humour.

Clever ! Now to finish the look. Add some '60's wire rim glasses to the rats.

Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!

Happy Birthday Polssken

Happy birthday man. Have a great day. No drinking sessions with Gert, it’s too far to ride home drunk.

So now we know why he is like this, he started to celebrate his birthday looking at the rats and then that phrase, here hold my beer while I try this.

Happy Birthday - Hope you got what you deserved!!!

He must have. He hasn't answered. Smiley-wink

He has the flu... 40 degrees + at the moment, so that’s what I would call... bad luck to start a new year!

Happy Birthday "wildman". Smiley-laughing

The flu is just bad I know i had it and it took 6 weeks to get over it. Old guys can't do that too many times.

I know what does help when you have the flu. Dr Jack Daniels. Smiley-laughing

It’s a well known fact ... around the world ... Man-flu is the most debilitating virus known to human-kind. Sufferers need compassion and love ... not ridicule !!

My apologies Peter.

Yes, it is much worse than other flu’s.

Betsy thinks Man - Colds are in the same category.

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