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Oh That's Better

Oh That's Better

The good Captain has fixed my gogles. Betwen the super glue and the moonshine I cant feel my feet!



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That's the Roadie I know

I've warned him about using alcohol as a crutch!

We have had that talk too. There's no education in the second mule kick.

Warning you Roadie, stock up while you can as you know there is no booze in my house for you. Booger guards the schnapps well. He loves to tear the stuffing out of things. Foxy Lady has learned to stay away from him..

At least he's standing !

No he is not he is supported by the bottle he was to have avoided

Looks like he's back in training.

So glad your feeling better Roadie. Now behave for Capt. He went out of his way to help you

XERO, What are you doing???????? Don't give the little ferret the gift of sight. He will just use it to find what hew shouldn't!!!!!! Don't go the next step. Please!!!!!!!!

Phil, The secret is I say your name and he freezes !!

So the little ferret should!!!!!!

"I'll tell Phil" works like a champ. Or "I'll send you to Phil". Not so good. Then I got to clean up the floor. What the hell did you do to him?

Phil just drank all his alcohol in one swallow. Roadie thought he could never be outdone.

He's back. Be bloody careful. Smiley-laughing

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