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oil leak

oil leak

not sure why oil is coming from this erea any advis would be helpful cheers.




Don't know anything about a VTX but that looks like a strange place for a leak.

David, where exactly is this leak?
Not real clear in the photo.

Hey mate it's coming out between the head and block if you look at photo you can see where I've clean it up along the line where both parts meet there's like a dirty line you can see hope I'm making sense on this, not sure if the head needs retighting or a gas of some sort

Oh now I see
I was looking at the bolt with oil on it
I'm not a mechanic but I think you're right. I would tighten the head first. My Harley gets loose on the top and I have to tighten them

cheers mate thanks for that yes there was alot of oil on the bolt that gives you an idear on how much is coming out and ,since ive had it back from full service which has only been 3 weeks and only done 300 ks since got all clear on the bike but now this ,all i hope for this is not going to be a big job to fix any idears and wot price this could cost as to im not sure comments plz.

Price is out of my ball park as I have done all my own stuff so far and things cost different in different countries. I would call the place you had it serviced at and talk to them as you have hardly no K on it since they worked on it.

hi there val thanks for your comment , i have been incontact with them and has avised me not to run the bike and are going to send out a truck to pick-up bike to go back to shop ,hoping the bill will be on them ,well thats the plan anyway
cheers and stay safe .

That sounds right to me David. Who knows what they did to it..... To much of a coincidence if you ask me.

yep thats wot i thought it is to much of a coincidence thankyou val will have to see and wait for the out come tc and ride safe.

You too David. Hope it works out well for you

might be with out wheels for awhile cheers.

You will be with us in spirit.

maybe retork the headbolt

David, what did they do on the service? For it to leak in that spot the head bolts would be loose. It. Is not a good thing and why they have loosened them is a concern.

hi beachy , eynstn, and val, it went in for a full service thats including value check and redone if needed and came out with this problem ,but again been on the phone all morning and waiting for the truck to pick-up bike to go back to shop then i guess the shit will start on whos copping the bill ill be in there fighting ( LO L ) thanks for all your support and comments stay safe all.

My thoughts too Beachy. I have never seen those come loose on their own
My rocker covers come loose from vibration from time time, but that's part of having a sportster

hey val yer not sure myself only thing that comes to mind is when they have done something to check valves i guess.

Although it looks suspicious, that may not be where the oil is coming from. If they did your valves, the oil could be leaking elsewhere like the top of the head and this being the low spot is where it shows. No doubt it will need a thorough going over.

hey biker ,you may be right could be running from somewhere to where i see it from will have to go right over it tc mate cheers.

Only time will tell. But I would be right there with my nose stuck in what they are doing.

sure will val like shit stuck to a blanket ( LOL ) tc .

Now as a nurse I can really relate to that. Lol

ill stick to my job val and leave you with yours sounds interesting ,

Look's like the bottom of the Barrel is leaking, on mine ( 1100 Shadow) you only tighten the head bolt's once & has a once only tighten gasket, if it leak's you have to take the motor out & replace the Bottom gasket

Interesting...looks like they need to check the head bolts. Never seen a newish bike leak like that.

any update David

hey all ,bike is in shop ,having head bolts re-tighten down ,going all over it again , it does look more likely they hadn't done the job right the first time but still in shop for now will post more when i now more cheers all and stay safe.

thanks mate

David, I think your right. They didn't do it right the first time. Now will they own up to that and not charge you is the question.

hey val yer having that discussion at the moment but im quiet confident they will cop the bill for the drama they have caused me and for there fuck up hope i can say this stay safe and tc .

I hope your right. They could have caused serious damage to your bike by messing up like that

yep your right about that ,thats exactly my argument to them and for messing up on the job.

I don't know s about the law, but I wonder if they don't do right by you would it be legal to blast them on every social media site you could find. That would get their attention

yes val your on the right track ,but will wait to make sure they admit fault to wot they have caused me ,and then go from there , those kind of things big places don't like the attention on themselves , but let me say the door isn't shut yet.

hey all an update on my bike, well alls well ends well just picked up the bike and have amitted fault in the work,work has been complete and the real good news is theres no charge am going to enjoy this ride home tc all and stay safe cheers.

Great news!
That's the way this story should have ended.

I just love happy endings!! I think I'll have a little cry... sob..... Ok I'm better now.
You ride safe and enjoy your beautiful bike

tears of joy Valerie and well done David it not very often companies admit they stuffed up

Glad they admitted their screw up but I'm not sure I'd go back...

thanks all ,and val hold back those tears darling tc and ride safe enjoy your weekend guys cheers

Interestingly I caught up with the dealer principle from Peter Stevens today. He is new to the SA mob and by the sounds of it, getting them sorted out. I did my apprenticeship in the army with him and have caught up with him from time to time.

I had the same problem on my 93 virago! Had to replace the gasket twice! Hope that's not your problem!

hey Greg thanks mate ,no it wasnt that head need re tightening not ure why this even happen but problem is all good now ,good luck with yours mate tc and ride safe cheers mate.

Good to hear ride safe!

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