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Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Old Faithful turned it on for us ... within 5 minutes of the projected “blow”. So glad to see it ... I was last here 39 years ago and didn’t get to see her/him blow her/his stack in the time we had in Yellowstone. This whole park is a magic place! See my Instagram feed for more pics.



Great timing! I think we were seated, waiting for about 2 hours before it shot off when we were there.

When we travelled to to New Zealand, the Lady Knox Geyser in Taupo was induced to erupt at 10.15 each day for the tourists by throwing soap flakes down it. The soap changes the surface tension of the water.
Just a bit of trivia.......

Good to know ... soap flake lubricant !

I'll need to store that info just in case..... nice show Vardy

WOW! That would be awesome.

The whole of Yellowstone is absolutely stunning and amazing and awesome ... Everywhere you look is a photo opportunity and the remnants of snow give it that extra special feel.

Gee that gives me an idea, wonder what would happen if a guy poured liquid dish soap in an air line and used a blow nozzle to release the soap/air mixture?

Ok how many of us is gonna try this now??? lol

If it happens, we'll know who done it. Smiley-wink

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