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Oldwing is telling me something.

Oldwing is telling me something.

Quick march...12 12 the battery shop. It’s getting a little lazy....


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Nice Al, what's next 123,123.....

Probably Dub. I’m a bit strange about numbers.

I always try to fill up at pump #8 and always try to avoid pump #4 ... Chinese numerology/superstition

Also has to do with how the numbers add up too.

So the engine is just warmed up....

Yes Gert. The engine is tired but the tyres are still like new. Bike has never seen rain but washed every week. Always kept in the garage except when being washed. Lol. I’m practicing for when I get my Harley. math also shows 12,121.2
Km per

Thats pretty good going Al. Surely thats not the original battery. If so thats a great run.

In binary, that would be 11101100101111100 <- my inner nerd is surfacing

Ah yes. The world of on and off.

No Raymond. Not the original battery.

so is that 666 doubled and impossible to exorcise?

Exercise? I don't need any exercise. Lol.

(11101100101111100)2 = (354574)8 = (1D97C)16

Edwin....just coz I worked in a bank for over 30 years doesn’t mean I’m good with numbers....

Well Al, now I understand why every freeking bank works the way they do!!! LOL

Gert.....they haven’t got any better in the 17 years I’ve been gone. Lol.

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