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Only Riding in My Dreams

Only Riding in My Dreams

This is what happend to our weekend. 5" + of snow. Better luck next weekend.




That's a lot of snow in such a short period of time.
Don't worry not long now & spring will be heading your way

That sucks.

Welcome to the club CAPT. We ended up with over 11 inches of snow here. You probably saw all of the headaches here over the weekend on the Weather Channel.

We got a foot of snow. Some reports are calling for to 8 inches in the next round. I've got the top half of a tree broken off in my front yard.
Will, you're in for another round. Anywhere from 5 to 18 inches this weekend.

Thats a big dump of snow. Sorry you can't get out and ride Capt , hope the good weather comes soon.

That sucks!!

Studs get some studs installed. Then you can ride in that stuff. We have no snow but freezing rain for now. Just too much fun looking out side wishing and hoping.

Yea TC I saw the Weather channel too. This is the same storm. More for this weekend.

Wayne, I'll take two foot of snow over ice. Unless JD is being pored over it in a glass.
This is were an old dirt bike comes in handy.

Great shot of two "unfortunately" stranded bikes.

Stay warm any way. I hate snow even though I have riden in it for hrs. It still sucks.

Snowmobile time?

Ice racing? Studded knobbies on my sidecar rig?

When it gets really cold the bay will freeze solid. Once this happens the fun starts.
DNR has a hover craft. They took it out on the ice and got over 80MPH and wasn't at full throttle. And started to turn sideways too. I don't think they ran it that fast since.

Same here Capt, minus the white stuff. Been cold and raining, a lot here

Good time to sit back and watch some videos on cc

And we hit a sweltering 41°C today ... not sure which is worse!!

We get a load of crap fall from the sky this weekend. No joy in Mudville.

I have some old vids. I may sit here and figure out how to edit them add music and so on.

Winter time is for a project or two maybe .... I might get into doing some leathercraft stuff next winter .... maybe a new tool roll and wallet or leather cap or something - have to keep the Hands & Head functioning and trying to stay out of trouble - maybe a splash of JD in the Morning coffee to kick start the day ... and some good blues music, kick back and let the world slide on by .....
Do it Safely Capt ...

No worries Frostbite. If Betsy isn't making a honey-do list for me. Also I'm very much involved with Chesapeake Flute Consort as a bass flute player (Oh yes we are on You Tube). I have a flute convention and a recital to get ready for. Later I plan to brew up a batch of home made beer too. I have to do this when Betsy is not around. The process makes one hell of a mess of the kitchen. Then after all that. Some JD in some hot tea for the evening. Settles your nerves.

Leather work sound like a blast! The cap will be a cool and challenging project. Keeping busy keeps you healthy.
Ride On !!

You Bet !!! Sounds Good to me ... Any Link/s to YouTube Vids ? I can't honestly say that I have heard a Bass Flute being played ??? About the only flute players I know are Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson - and some of the old stuff like Goin' Up the Country by the original Canned Heat .. . but I don't think they were Bass Flutes ???
Guitars & Tenor Saxes are my things ... and building Guitar amps using ALL Vacuum Tubes ... That used to keep me busy before I got myself back into riding again ...
Ride Safe ...

Gees Greg, you're bringing back memories to me. I remember when Tandy stores had valve testers in them.

Look forward to your You Tube links Captain.

Here you go !! This is one we did for an audition for the White House in Washington DC. Features me on bass in a close up Too. Enjoy!

Cool! The man has talent. I didn't realise there were so many different shapes of flute. I must admit, yours looks like it is a bit more ergonomic to use, the others use both hands way left.

I can carry my regular C flute on the bike. It fits nicely in the saddle bag So I use it for my lesson/coaching session. The bass is to big. I haven't figured how to strap it on to me or the bike safely. It cost more then my VTX when I bought it.

Amazing - First time I have ever seen all different 'Flutes' - There was one there that a Girl/Lady was playing - She was near the Upright column/post and the Flute she had was Massive - I couldn't see if it was actually resting on the floor or not, but it went up taller than she was (standing) and came back down and across in front of her ...
looked to be say, 6ft or more tall, shiny chrome/silver - you would need a good set of lungs to play that one ...
Very Impressed with the 'ensemble' (?) - well done to all ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

That was awesome.

Frostbite, That's Paddy and her contra bass. She is about 6'5" witch makes that thing about 7 foot tall. its low note sounds like a fog horn. It has a foot attached to the bottom and rest on that. Were she gets the wind to blow that thing is a mystery to me.

Hey Capt - a Contra Bass Flute 7ft Tall with its Own Foot - WOW !!! ....
and you are saying that Paddy is a 6'5" Witch ??? (Which Maybe ?) Which Witch lives in Ipswich ? Smiley-laughing
Thanks for the Info ...
Keep Blowing and Making Music ... it IS another Language for sure ... Brilliant ...
Cheers - Ride Safe ....

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