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Only two more day’s Holiday in Spain...

Only two more day’s Holiday in Spain...

... and than I can change my flipflops for my more (most) comfortable wooden shoes again! 

One week later, Dennis and Nola will arrive and visit us for a few days! 


Own Photo: 


Looks like your feet are having fun

Don't let them get sun burned. Have a grand time with the flip flops

Just wondering... Do wooden shoes float? I mean like if the Dam Damn broke would your shoes count as a flotation device???

Stay in Spain....till Dennis leaves. Lol

Well there's the problem right there buddy, your feet should be buried in the sand not in flop flops......that salted sand is a great natural detox

Haha, Val.... with the right size you could use them as a boat!

Looks like a relaxing time so far.

Look like typical Aussie feet. Smiley-laughing

Only if there are tan lines Tezza,

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